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Does Spellbreak Have Cross-Play?

by Lucas White

Cross-play, and its subcategories are growing more and more ubiquitous, especially as games drive more and more in the direction of live service models. Even when a game doesn’t go all-in like Call of Duty or Minecraft, pressure from fans tired of console boundaries and unique market conditions have led to this drastic change. And of course, the new battle royale Spellbreak is yet another multiplatform service game. So what’s under the hood here?

Spellbreak Cross-Play Guide

To cut to the chase, yes, Spellbreak is indeed a cross-platform experience. Thanks to the game launching with its own account system, you can take your entire game state between systems. So in that sense, it’s also cross-progression. You’ll run into inherent limits, such as currency purchases if you opt to buy some gold. But everything else, from your Mastery levels to your cosmetics collection, will follow you wherever you play.

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There is one point of nuance to be aware of, however. One lingering issue with cross-play developers are still working on is the inclusion of PC players. It’s an unfortunate part of the equation, that the PC platform is generally ahead in terms of player performance, as well as vulnerability to hacks. For that reason, more recent games have added caveats to their cross-play mechanics. In this case, you have to have PC players in your squad in order to play with PC players. That allows you to effectively opt in, as otherwise console players will be separated from PC players in generic matchmaking.

Spellbreak is only in its first week of live availability, so there is plenty of time for these systems to change. The game certainly seems to run smoothly so far, even on the Nintendo Switch. But the PC playerbase is always going to be a bit of a wildcard when it comes to cross-play.

So with that being said, what do you think about the way cross-platform features are implemented in Spellbreak? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!