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Does Sons of the Forest have Character Creation? – Answered

Gotta look nice while crafting those spears

by Patrick Souza
Sons of the Forest Character Customization

The long-awaited sequel for The Forest had such a blasting release that Steam servers even went offline for a while due to congestion. Sons of the Forest is here in Early Access and it’s already set to be another success from Endnight Games. This survival-horror game has you and your friends cooperating to thrive on an abandoned island while fending off the many creatures and monsters that call this place home.

When playing with friends, they’ll have to spend hours looking at your character, so it would be nice to at least be able to customize it at your leisure. Does the game ever give you an opportunity to do so?

Can You Customize Your Character in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest doesn’t have any character customization options, and you’re stuck with the generical soldier model you get from the beginning until the end. Many survival games will allow for creative character modeling, but this title follows its predecessor, The Forest, in this regard and presents no such option.

When playing in multiplayer, all players will have random soldier models assigned to them, and there’s no way to change that. Changing your equipment will be reflected in your model, but that’s as far as customization goes.

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Despite that, the game has been receiving good praise from the public as this is not a damning factor for this genre of games. While many would appreciate some extra details, the gameplay’s just as solid as the original The Forest and seems to have been expanded in a few ways, and that leaves you no time to think about how you’re looking.

And that wraps up character customization in Sons of the Forest. If you’re looking for more helpful tips and tricks to help you get to another day unscratched, keep scrolling down to see more related content here on Prima Games.

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