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Does Redfall have Denuvo? – Answered

Vampires are fine, but what about pirates?

by Patrick Souza
Redfall Denuvo

Redfall is Bethesda’s new bet with a thrilling multiplayer, vampire-slaying first-person shooter arriving in early May. Survivors must cleanse the streets of the namesake city and discover the truth of what’s turning people into filthy creatures from beyond using their unique abilities. 

The game will be hitting the Xbox Game Pass on Day One, but people are still worried about how well this game may run on PCs, since there’s a huge chance that it incorporates Denuvo Anti-temper. Well, does Redfall has Denuvo or not?

Does Redfall Have Denuvo Protection?

Redfall is confirmed to have Denuvo included. The information can be found on the game’s Steam page, and confirms its extra layer of protection against cheats and tampering. 

Denuvo is arguably the best anti-piracy protection in the industry nowadays, but its efficiency comes at the cost of introducing various performance-related problems to games in which it’s included. So despite not looking forward to a cracked version of a new game, players despise its mere existence, sometimes even refusing to buy a game when the anti-tempering protection is present.

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This is a well-known issue in the industry, and it’s not unusual for a game to remove Denuvo at some point. Doom Eternal is a good example where Bethesda opted to remove its anti-cheating features after receiving many complaints from the community. The game still included Anti-Tamper, though.

Not all Denuvo games will run badly on PCs either, so Redfall might still have a good performance despite its presence, but it still feels bad that PC players might have a worse time than console despite paying the same price for the full game. But on the brighter side, you can try the game out on Game Pass as soon as it comes out. So pull the trigger on those vampires for a while before pulling it on your wallet definitely.

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