Does Peter Retire in Spider-Man 2? – Answered

Is the webslinger putting down his suit?

Spider Man 2 Peter Retiring
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Spider-Man 2 has taken us by surprise by being more than a mere expansion to the previous titles, and some of its post-game cutscenes just didn’t stop delivering with the setups for the next title/DLC. One of them revolves around Peter’s future in the game and the possibility of him giving up on fighting crime, so let’s break this down.

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This article contains spoilers for the game’s ending. Read at your own risk!

Is Peter Retiring in Spider-Man 2?

During the game’s closing moments, we get a glimpse of Peter handling the Emily-May Foundation when he suddenly gets a notification from the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app. Miles beckons to his mentor, who in turn attempts to tell him that his focus is different now as he’s entering a new phase of his life.

Peter is ready to finally move in with MJ and be the good husband he always aimed to be, but being Spider-Man would always things harder for them. There are also his big plans for the EMF, and he sees Miles’ true potential after he successfully redeemed Martin Li. The city might be huge, but he knows that Miles can take care of it alone.

So in the end, Peter decides to retire as Spider-Man, even if it’s only for a short time. He has different priorities at the moment, and Miles has proven to be more than enough to deal with the city. But the boy has nothing to worry about as his mentor makes sure to always be there whenever he needs some advice or extra help.

While this could be Insomniac’s way of loosely adapting the Spider-Man No More storyline where Peter stops being a hero, he’ll probably be back to action by the time the events in a possible sequel start kicking off.

Other post-game scenes set up the Green Goblin as a possible main villain, and while Miles could certainly deal with him, he’s iconically Peter Parker’s Spider-Man nemesis. Just let the boy rest for now, he deserves a rest after the rollercoaster of emotions that was this game.

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