Does Payday 3 Have Aim Assist? – Answered

Given aiming ability on a thumbstick, it can be a godsend.

Payday 3 Bank Robbery Mission
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Payday 3 is a game released in 2023, and this thankfully means there are plenty of modern features at play that you can mess around with. For PC users especially, you get access to modern features like Nvidia’s DLSS software, a FOV slider, colorblind modes, and even the ability to see FPS. One feature on the console side of things that’s in question has to do with your aim. Here’s whether Payday 3 has Aim Assist as a feature.

Can You Use Aim Assist in Payday 3?

Payday 3 Art Heist
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For whatever reason, Aim Assist appears to not be a feature in Payday 3 at the moment. PlayStation 5 has some obvious reasoning for this since it appears the game may be running on a strange and outdated build at the time of writing. For Xbox though, the reasoning here is unknown.

As for if/when Aim Assist will be a thing in Payday 3, Starbreeze Studios has yet to comment on it. However, it is almost guaranteed to be added at some point post-launch. It’s a highly demanded feature since it improves the aiming ability of players on controllers immensely, so it’d be a no-brainer to add. There isn’t even the worry of an unfair advantage being gained over mouse and keyboard users.

What is Aim Assist?

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If you aren’t aware, Aim Assist is a feature in most first-person shooters on consoles that improves the aiming experience of weapons immensely. With it enabled, the game will make automatic adjustments provided your crosshair is close enough to the target. Given just how imprecise aiming with a thumbstick and thumb can be, it can take the experience of aiming on a console from a nightmare to a pretty playable experience.

If you’re curious about some of the other features in the game, check out our guide on whether Payday 3 features crossplay.

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