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PvP? That's not very relaxing!

Does Palia Have Combat or PvP

Palia features all kinds of activities fit for a relaxing MMO. With skills like foraging, mining, and fishing, you’ll spend as much time gathering resources as you will exploring. However, since combat and PvP often go hand-in-hand with these skills, a question starts to surface: are these included in Palia too? Can you battle other players and creatures in the wild, or is this excluded altogether? To learn more, continue reading to discover whether Palia has combat or PvP mechanics.

Does Palia Have Combat or PvP?

While Palia does feature PvE combat in the form of hunting, it does not feature fights against other players. You won’t have to worry about entering the overworld and getting bombarded by attacks from other people. Instead, you can use a bow to chase down wild animals and gather their resources. However, this also means you won’t be able to engage in battles against other players.

Initially confirmed in a Question and Answer post from Singularity 6, any competitive elements will be lighthearted and exclude direct combat. There are opportunities like card games, races, or cooking competitions to be added to Palia. As of now, though, these are not confirmed to be central features and, if anything, would be small side activities after the game’s launch.

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Palia Combat Mechanics Explained

With all that said, although you can’t fight against other players, there is still some combat involved with the hunting skill. Palia features archery in this skill, but there has yet to be an indication of melee weapons being introduced into the game. You’ll also be able to opt out of these whenever you’d like and are not forced to partake in the hunting skill if you prefer not to.

Palia also allows you to upgrade your bows and arrows over time, allowing you to fight more challenging enemies in late-game areas as you progress further into the story. You can also fight alongside other players to target multiple wild creatures at once, allowing you to share resources and defeat them quicker.

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