Minecraft Legends Local Co-op

Does Minecraft Legends Have Local Co-Op? – Answered

Side-by-side we conquer the Piglins

Minecraft Legends is another experience settled in the same universe established in Mojang’s previous titles. And just like those other games, Multiplayer is a huge feature. Adventuring in a blocky world is always better with your pals. But can you experience this tactical iteration of the Minecraft universe side-by-side with your friends without needing another device? Here’s if Minecraft Legends has local co-op.

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Does Minecraft Legends Have Local Co-Op? – Answered

Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not have a local Co-Op feature. You can play the game with up to four different players in a single match, but they all need to be on different devices for that to work. So this title ends up being not the best choice to enjoy some good and old couch co-op action.

The game was designed with Multiplayer as a main feature in mind, but local co-op had to be sacrificed due to the game’s own nature. Split-screening in this game would limit a player’s ability to react to the environment by a lot, and would automatically invalidate any possible 1v1 combat. How would you surprise your enemy if your strategy is being shoved in real-time into his face? It just wouldn’t work very well.

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So if you want to enjoy it with friends (and you should probably give Multiplayer a try), everyone needs to get the game. But you don’t need to own the game on the same platform, as Crossplay is enabled from the get-go, and all players from PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch can always have a good match against each other.

It’s not impossible that a community-made local co-op mod comes to the surface at some point. But it wouldn’t be without those aforementioned limitations, so there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t be the best of experiences anyway. If such a mod ever becomes a thing, you have been warned.

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