Does Lethal Company have an ending
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Does Lethal Company Have an Ending? Answered

It's about the journey, not the destination... maybe.

Lethal Company is one of this year’s hottest multiplayer games that utilizes environmental horror and storytelling quite effectively. With that in mind, does Lethal Company actually have an ending?

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Can You Beat Lethal Company?

The early access version of Lethal Company does not have an ending. Once you complete your weekly profit quota, the number will continue to rise indefinitely, allowing you to continue your playthrough as long as you wish.

However, this could change, especially once the game fully launches.

In its current state, Lethal Company is reminiscent of a roguelike in how you travel through moons, collect items to make money, and eventually end the run before repeating the process. While you don’t receive any permanent buffs to make future runs easier, you can develop strategies, learn more about monsters, and experiment in future playthroughs.

As a bonus, you can create exciting memories with others as you watch monsters spook and obliterate your friends.

That said, Lethal Company will continue to change as it progresses through its early access version. Quotes from the developer on the game’s store page describe Lethal Company as “finished” but “could go in many directions” throughout its future development process. More will come to Lethal Company in the future, but whether an ending is among these changes is unknown.

In the meantime, you can expect some long, potentially never-ending playthroughs if your team consistently hits profit quotas. It can easily last hours, especially if you’re all coordinated with how you collect items and deal with enemies.

What Happens if You Don’t Meet Quota in Lethal Company?

If you don’t meet the quota in Lethal Company, you’re going to die. There is a disciplinary action that involves sirens going off and the company telling you about your unmet quota. You are then sent out of the airlock and left for dead. This could be considered the game’s canonical ending for now.

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