How to Get and Use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

A support beacon for teammates or a greeting for monsters.

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Surviving each day in Lethal Company gets increasingly difficult as your profit quota rises and you encounter more monsters, requiring you to adopt new strategies to win. Here’s where to get the radar booster and how to use it in Lethal Company.

Where to Get the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

You can purchase the radar booster in the in-game terminal store for 50 scrap. To access this, type store into the terminal to view its listings, then enter radar booster and confirm to receive the item. It will appear as a beacon-like item you can place wherever you wish.

Once you purchase the radar booster, you can place it on the floor of your ship, indoors or outside after landing on a moon. After setting it down, you can grab it and move it to your heart’s content, allowing you to change its position when needed.

How to Use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

One use for the radar booster is a surveillance tool to survey an area. By placing the radar, you can view the map from its point of view, alerting you of any nearby enemies or valuables.

In particular, you can place it in a room you plan to explore later and have someone in your ship check for any enemies before entering. Alternatively, you can put it outdoors to see if any nighttime enemies are nearby; if so, redirect your crew members to a safer route or lead them to their impending doom for comedic effect.

Alternatively, you can ping the radar by typing “Ping (radar name)” in the terminal, causing it to create a loud sound. While this is dangerous in some situations, it can help your teammates find their way back to the radar or lure enemies away. However, this can lead to you sacrificing the radar booster, especially if multiple enemies are crowding the area, so be careful while doing this.


You can easily deal with groups of enemies all at once by using the Ping feature on the radar, which can gather enemies into a single area. By placing the radar booster in a room when entering a facility, you can use Ping to emit a sound and draw enemies in. Then toss a stun grenade, and while they’re stunned you can hammer away at them with Shovels, or other weapons you find. Just be careful not to hit any other teammates on the frontlines!

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