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Does Isaac Talk in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

So yeah, killing necromorphs is just something I do now.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Chapter 1

It goes without saying that Dead Space Remake is very different from the original experience. From lighting to visuals to gameplay changes, and even story to an extent, there are a lot of differences that help to justify its existence and price tag. It also runs out of the box, which is a lot more than anyone can say about the original game on PC. Some are wondering if the remake makes a change that both the mainline sequels ended up trying. Here’s whether Isaac talks in the Dead Space Remake.

Can Isaac Speak in the Dead Space Remake?

Given the massive amount of lore that the remake has brought in to help flesh out the world, it should come as no surprise that yes, Isaac does speak in the Dead Space Remake. Not only that, but he comments a lot during various interactions with the other survivors. He’ll comment on various findings throughout the group’s exploration and repair of the Ishimura, along with of course the disgusting creatures he comes across.

As much as it sounds worse given how much protagonists talk these days, hearing Isaac talk is honestly better than having him be a silent avatar from the player. It makes him much more of a character in the world, with his own thoughts among the horrors he experiences. He can be a little unaffected by just how dire his situation is at certain points, but he offers a lot more than he harms.

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As far as the rest of his crew are concerned, they tend to have different lines but are similar in the amount they talk. All in all, it shouldn’t be anything noticeably bad. At worst, just some alright dialogue. It’s certainly better than some games these days.

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