Is Dead Space a Remake or a Remaster? – Answered

Too many "Re" words.

Dead Space Remake offers a refreshing way for new and old fans alike to experience the journey of Isaac Clarke as he works towards finding his lost girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. There’s a ton of stuff that’ll remain familiar to those who played the original, while the new fans should have no problem getting acclimated. That said, there’s been some confusion regarding the game that we’re here to help alleviate. Here’s whether the upcoming Dead Space is a remake or a remaster.

Is Dead Space A Remake or Just a Remaster?

While what we’ve been calling the game might give it away, we do want to go a bit more in-depth to answer this. Most of the promotional material for the game has shown off the staggering visual improvements to the game, from the textures to the lighting. It looks like a completely different game compared to the original, which might lead you to believe this is simply a remaster.

You would be wrong for assuming that though, as Dead Space is doing more than just upping the visual fidelity. There are a number of new quality-of-life features available, alongside some completely redone areas to feel less like footnotes of the experience and more like memorable portions of the game. Chapter 3’s Centrifuge puzzle, for example, has been completely redone, as to improve the experience of playing it. These are sprinkled all throughout the game, thus giving veterans a nice surprise. There’s a ton more changing, including the trophy list for the game alluding to a potential alternate ending.

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So to answer the question at hand, this is, by all means, a remake of Dead Space and not a remaster. There’s some additional thought and time put in this time around that will hopefully translate well when you’re walking through the game’s corridors. Just try not to get a heart attack from the scares in the process.

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