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Does Honkai Star Rail have Co-Op Multiplayer? – Answered

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by Jordan Lemons

With Genshin Impact being favored for its Multiplayer mode, allowing other players to enter the game and join you on your adventures, we turn the spotlight to Honkai: Star Rail and ask the big question. Does it also have similar features?

Does Honkai: Star Rail have Co-Op Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, no. Honkai: Star Rail does not have a Multiplayer mode that allows your friends to come and enjoy the world with you. Taking a look at how the world is built, there shouldn’t be any big conclusion as to why either. There’s nothing to gather, there’s nothing to explore, and there are only a few select chests that the map indicates are still remaining. The rest of the treasure comes from missions. For there to be an element in the game where players can come and join you would be redundant, but that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t have any type of co-op enabled.

You are able to make friends within the game, and you just might want to take a good long look at some of the characters that those friends will have on their banner since it just might mean an extra Five-Star for your team compositions.

How to Utilize Honkai: Star Rail’s Unique Multiplayer System

While you’ll only be able to see this option a couple of times, mostly for the daily grind and not so much for those really tough boss battles, Honkai: Star Rail does have a multiplayer system called Support. Those characters that people are showing off on their profiles? Yeah, they can be yours for the low low fee of just befriending them. 

The way the Support System works in Honkai: Star Rail is that occasionally in battles you can set up, such as for Resource Grinding, you’ll be given the option when choosing your team to select a Support. As indicated by the Green Support Button just below the arrow to switch your teams, you can select a choice amongst your friends’ characters to pick and choose who you’d like to add to your team. 

This will allow you to replace one of the characters in your team with a character that is actually owned by one of your friends. There isn’t a quick setup for this option yet, so you will have to manually place the characters in your team so that if there is someone with a Taunt feature then you’ll want to be careful of how you have the characters arranged. Then for that duration of daily grinds, you are free to use that character as you please. 

At least in battle.

This Support option is pretty nice since it allows you to see how characters play in battle before you have to use them. Unlike the Test Run trails, you get to use the characters how you like with a team composition of your choosing. It’s like a free demo all over again, but you get to see how useful they are in day-to-day combat. 

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