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Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Haptic Feedback on PC? – Answered

No controller rumblies?!

by Joe Greene
Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Start for PC and Consoles

If you are looking to play Hogwarts Legacy on PC, you may be wondering if your controllers will have haptic feedback. More commonly known as controller vibration, haptic feedback allows players to become more immersed in the game they are playing, adding a sense of urgency or surprise by violently (or non-violently) rumbling. Without further ado, continue reading to learn if Hogwarts Legacy has haptic feedback on PC!

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Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Haptic Feedback on PC?

Unfortunately for PC players looking for additional immersion, Hogwarts Legacy does not have haptic feedback support on PC controllers. While the PS5 and Xbox versions of Hogwarts Legacy do support it, PC players are unfortunately forced to miss out on this feature.

Maybe one day haptic-supported keyboards and mice will exist…

Whether you use wired or wireless controllers, you’re going to have to accept that Hogwarts Legacy does not have haptics or even simple vibrations on PC. If this decision determines whether you purchase it for PC or Consoles, consider this your answer!

If you still decide to stick with Hogwarts Legacy PC edition, I would implore you to try playing with mouse and keyboard. It is the best way to play video games, after all…

Will Hogwarts Legacy Ever Have Haptic Feedback on PC

While there isn’t haptic feedback currently, that doesn’t mean it will always be this way! As the game continues to receive patches and updates, it is possible that the developers will add it in later.

Let the developers know what you want, and with enough teamwork, maybe they’ll add it in!

Nevertheless, now that you know that Hogwarts Legacy does not have haptic feedback support, it’s time to get out there and kill some spiders.

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