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Does Health Regenerate in The Callisto Protocol? – Answered

I'm an expert at taking a hit with my face

by Daphne Fama

The Callisto Protocol has dropped across all major platforms, and it’s proven to be a violent, brutal affair. The carnage (and inevitable death) of the dozens of people you see is some of the most gristly of the year. But, unfortunately, our pilot protagonist Jacob Lee isn’t immune from these blows.

In fact, I’d say he probably takes more hits than anyone else in the game, at least the way I’m playing. And take enough of these hits, or get into a bad enough situation, and you’ll likely be treated to one of The Callisto Protocol’s fantastic death animations.

But as you meet one brutal encounter after another, you might wonder, does health regenerate?

Does Health Regenerate in The Callisto Protocol?

Unfortunately, unlike Far Cry or First-Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, Jacob remains stubbornly wounded after getting punched by a biophage. How inconsiderate of him. But that’s one of the main points of a survival horror game. You’re meant to play smart and try to survive.

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Fortunately, health items are scattered across the levels to help you get back to full health (your health is measured by the bar on the back of your neck – bright green is healthy, and yellow or orange is injured). And by stomping corpses, you’ll also likely get some health back. But the crown jewel of healing items is healing injectors, which you can find in emergency boxes on the wall. These are rare, but they go into your inventory and can be used in a pinch. Ideally, not in the middle of a fight, though, as the animation takes ages.

If you enjoy being injured or avoiding being injured, then The Callisto Protocol will bring out a few hardcore modes in 2023. These hardcore modes will reduce the number of health players find, truly putting the survival in survival horror.

Good luck not dying!

Daphne Fama

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