Does Halo Infinite Support Split-Screen?

How much of Halo Infinite can you play with friends on the same Xbox?

We’re really only a few months away from the next Halo game, which seems crazy. But really, it’s just the current real-world situation that has utterly destroyed your normal sense of time. Anyway, by the end of the year everyone with a Xbox Game Pass subscription will have access to Halo Infinite, which means the multiplayer floodgates will open like a bursting dam. Just with fewer casualties and economic consequences, hopefully.

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We don’t have a ton of information about how multiplayer works in Halo Infinite yet, but one important question has been answered (and more recently, clarified). If your squad wants to come over (presumably post-pandemic) and play online together, on one console, what are their options? Does Halo Infinite support split-screen play? The answer is a resounding yes, but with one caveat for the campaign mode.

Halo Infinite Split-Screen Guide

It looks like Halo Infinite is going to be a pretty massive, open world kind of game, although we don’t know the full scale of it just yet. Either way, up to four players will be able to tackle the campaign together. But all four of them won’t be able to hang out in the same physical space. The Halo Infinite campaign will support four-player co-op online, but only two players will be able to hang out with local split-screen. Split-screen play has been a major challenge as games become more machine-intensive, and this is what usually happens in a best-case scenario.

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That said, if you do have four friends over, you’ll be able to hop online for four-player split-screen multiplayer. So for whatever the competitive, online Halo Infinite multiplayer options entails, groups of four will be able to squad up locally. We don’t have any further details, such as if there are certain game mode restrictions or other technical compromises involved here, but those details will naturally trickle out as we approach Halo Infinite’s holiday 2020 release window.

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Does the split-screen situation in Halo Infinite match up to your expectations? Or are you still hoping that one day, a modern shooter will support campaign co-op split into fourths? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!


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