Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a blast to play whether you’re playing with friends, or playing alone.

For gamers who want to play with their friends, the question of whether Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has splitscreen multiplayer is bound to crop up. 

Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Have Splitscreen Multiplayer? 

The quick answer to the question of whether Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has splitscreen multiplayer is no, it does not. As of right now, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout only supports online multiplayer.

In the future, it’s possible that the developers may add splitscreen to the game, but there’s no telling how long we’ll have to wait until it’s added.

The likelihood of splitscreen being added to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is pretty high given that it sounds like it was something the team were either working on or considering per a response in an AMA on Reddit.

“We'd love to have split screen but at some point during development we had to cut it in order to get the game finished in time," the devs explained.

"It's a HUGE undertaking from so many disciplines and we decided it would be better not to spread ourselves too thin and make sure the game we delivered is up to par. That said, you never know what might come post launch! I'd certainly love to play split screen and it gets requested TONS by the community”

From that statement, it sounds like splitscreen is certainly not off the table and is merely something that’ll take a little more time to perfect and get right.

In the meantime, you can play online with a part of up to four players, or you can play solo. You can’t create private rooms or anything like that yet either, but it’s still fun to team up with your pals and see how far you can get.

Again, there’s no splitscreen local co-op multiplayer in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but don’t be surprised if it’s something that’s added to the game at a later date.

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