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Does Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Have a Physical Retail Version?


by Lucas White

One of the biggest and best highlights from the February 8, 2023 Nintendo Direct was… no, it wasn’t the elf boy game. It was Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. One of the sickoest game series to ever sicko, these dungeon-crawling, map-drawing classics from the Nintendo DS are finally showing up on the Switch. But is this HD, remastered trilogy getting the full treatment or is it digital only?

Does Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Have a Physical Retail Version?

Unfortunately it’s time for some bad news. As of this moment, there is no physical version of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection available. While you can preorder the bundle or the individual Etrian Odyssey HD games right now on the Nintendo eShop or Steam, that’s the only way to buy it.

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After double-checking the post-Nintendo Direct press release, I confirmed that the phrase “digital only” is tragically part of the info chart. While the Etrian Odyssey series consistently saw physical releases throughout its DS and 3DS lifetime, these remasters are not so lucky. It’s a bummer but not wholly surprising.

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To be fair though, even though all those games saw physical releases, they didn’t exactly last long. These print runs were limited and you won’t be seeing any Etrian Odyssey game on a shelf with a reasonable price tag in 2023. But hey, maybe this does well enough for the series to continue, at which point it’d be a much bigger bummer to go digital only. And yes, I’m clearly stalling for time and word count here.

In other Etrian Odyssey news, you can check out the full rundown of the new gameplay features and adjustments headed to the Origins Collection, as well as information on the Megami Tensei-themed DLC preordering players will get for free. Yadda yadda yadda, read Prima Games dot com!

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