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Does Dead Island 2 have Denuvo? – Answered

Illegal copies are scarier than the undead

by Patrick Souza
Dead Island 2 Denuvo

Dead Island 2 is coming at full speed with more of that beloved zombie-killing action that we’ve grown to love, but every new release comes with its own problems to discuss. But gameplay/story issues aside, people wanna know if the game includes the ever-present Denuvo DRM, a very well-known anti-tampering feature that allegedly takes a toll on the game’s overall performance on PCs. Well, has Denuvo reached the long-awaited sequel Dead Island 2?

Is There Denuvo in Dead Island 2?

Unfortunately for PC players, Dead Island 2 has Denuvo protection. The information was confirmed via GameWatcher, which reached out to publisher Deep Silver to confirm if their newest title would feature it or not. The answer was positive, to the dismay of various PC players out there.

Denuvo DRM is the main anti-piracy measure in the industry nowadays. Its controversies hail not from the fact that it makes it harder to get access to a free copy of new games, but it also increases their file size considerably at the same time that it worsens their performance, causing occasional stuttering and FPS drops even on some high-end computers.

But that’s not a rule of thumb for all Denuvo-having games. There are examples of well-optimized games that kept a consistently good PC performance despite the anti-tampering’s presence. At the same time, some other titles were reported to run better in their “free-to-play”, Denuvo-less versions found on those desolate, distant shores of the internet. You know the place.

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Denuvo is overall harder to crack and makes sure that companies won’t have their products distributed illegally for free for a good while, so they often include it despite knowing its issues. Some will outrightly refuse to buy a Denuvo game, but when it comes to a big sequel like Dead Island 2, we know that people will play it regardless of its presence in the game. Besides, some companies will even remove Denuvo a few months after the game’s release, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Deep Silver doing just that down the line.

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