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First-Person Shooters can feel a little stale after a while, so it was a breath of fresh air when BattleBit Remastered popped onto the scene. Reinvigorating the formula that was first brought into the world by MAG, but feeling like a classic Battlefield game, you’re popped into a server with 253 other players to partake in some high-adrenaline action. But, if you’re anything like me and have been out of action for a while in the multiplayer space, you may be hoping that there is some form of training mode or a way you can play against bots before jumping onto this massive battlefield. So, does Battlebit Remastered have bots? We’ve got your answer below.

Does BattleBit Remastered Have A Training Mode?

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When you jump into this new and exciting world, you may be hoping that you can square off against some bots to get the hang of the game before you can finally take to the servers and fight for your life. And the good answer is kind of yes, but also no.

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You’ll have the ability to jump into the Shooting Range, which will help you get your bearings with the world around you, but there are unfortunately no bots at this stage. It’s great to get hands-on and start learning the ropes about the game, but you won’t be able to see how the action comes together until you jump into a server. Thankfully, there are large-scale battles, medium-scale, and small-scale fights so you don’t have to worry about jumping right into the most hectic of them all.

For my first battle, I jumped into a 32 v 32 and still got my butt absolutely handed to me, so I’m going to need to take some extra time in the shooting range before I garner the courage to try again. But, learning how to peak around corners, how to get prone, and more can be accomplished on your lonesome in the Shooting Range.

Are There Any Bots At All In BattleBit Remastered?

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you want to count the T-Posing dummies at the start of the Shooting Range as bots, then there are some. But otherwise, you’re going to be on your lonesome as you venture throughout the map. Don’t let the simplistic graphical style of this one confuse you, you’ll be in for some of the most action-packed gunplay you’ve experienced since the Xbox 360 era of video games.

It’s multiplayer mayhem when you jump into the world of BattleBit Remastered, so be prepared for your next match with plenty of amazing codes that will give you some much-needed boosts. And be sure to get yourself ready for deployment by checking out our Battlebit Remastered section below.

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