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Does Armored Core 6 Have Crossplay? – Answered

Cross-platform aerial combat

We know that the newest Armored Core title will be featuring multiplayer as it has already been previously confirmed. But if for any reason you cannot find more pilots to launch a mechanical assault alongside you, can you look for them on different platforms? Crossplay is becoming a staple in gaming these days, and in this guide, you’ll find out if it’s included in Armored Core 6.

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Unfortunately, Armored Core 6 does not include crossplay. This is likely due to how FromSoftware has treated the previous Souls games and, more recently, Elden Ring. All of them have multiplayer included, but it’s always in a quite limited way. And Crossplay was never present in any of them.

Small online extras and PvP modes are always present, but more recent titles also implemented co-op where other players can help you out with a difficult boss or something similar. The thing is that all of these perks were always platform-locked, and none have featured crossplay up until now. The same is true for Armored Core, so you’re locked with playing with people on the same platform as you.

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This is quite disappointing, considering how many releases have put the console wars aside and allowed everyone to play together. There’s still a chance for a crossplay feature to be implemented sometime later, but it’s not guaranteed in any way.

And when we think about how multiplayer is not the focus, according to the words of game director Masaru Yamamura himself, it’s very likely that crossplay won’t be a thing so soon. It would be a nice surprise to have it included in a surprise update but don’t count on it. The game still looks amazing either way, and each different edition has its own special bonuses attached to it.

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