Does Alan Wake 2 Have Multiplayer? – Answered

Double the action in the dark.

Alan Wake 2 box art
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Two is not just a number in Alan Wake 2, as the game also brings a whole dual-protagonist mechanic for the sequel. But have they also allowed for two or more players to go through Alan and Saga’s story together at any point in the campaign?

Is There Multiplayer in Alan Wake 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer mode in Alan Wake 2. The game starts as a single-player experience and stays this way throughout its duration. While the player constantly changes their point of view between Alan and Saga during key moments, there’s never a chance to team up with a friend for some double-trouble gameplay.

Most Remedy Entertainment titles are single-player focused games, so it comes as no surprise that, despite having a new playable character that you occasionally get the chance to enjoy, there’s no official multiplayer mode for the game. The main focus is still the game’s narrative and its distinctive, ominous story, so having the option to play alongside other friends isn’t something you should be expecting.

There is, however, another upcoming Remedy title projected to be exactly what most of their other games weren’t. A title with the production name Vanguard is on the makings alongside Tencent aiming to bring a first-person-shooter multiplayer experience alongside the usual Remedy storytelling and themes to their eager fans. We don’t have much info on said title just yet, but it’s the closest we’ll get to a multiplayer Alan Wake 2.

And the game is still amazing despite not having a feature that honestly wouldn’t bring much more to its compelling narrative. Maybe the modding community will stand up at any moment to make the multiplayer feature possible, but that might still take a while. You’ll probably be done with the game and all of its achievements by then.

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