Alan Wake 2: All Trophies/Achievements and How to Unlock Them

Every trophy and achievement in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 has arrived, bringing the long-awaited sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 action horror game Alan Wake to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. For achievement hunting gamers, the newly released Alan Wake sequel provides an exciting new list of trophies and achievements to earn, which are as follows.

Alan Wake 2: Every Trophy and Achievement, Listed

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Gain all trophies (PlayStation only)              

Escape its Gravity

Use a Hand Flare to escape an enemy Grapple    

This is the Moment

Dodge at the last minute to avoid an enemy attack           

Not the Last

Pick up the first Manuscript Page             

Shining in the Night

Ignite a Hand Flare to keep enemies at bay           

Secret Stashes

Discover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box         

Finding a Way

Find the Screwdriver      

Cut Short

Find the Boltcutters        

Chased the Source

Destroy a Source Point   

Darkness Coiled

Destroy a Darkness Shield            

Strange Reality

Solve five Nursery Rhyme puzzles             

The Koskela Brothers

Watch all Koskela brother commercials   

The Trail of the Writer

Watch all the Writer’s Journey videos      

Bring It

Find the Sawed-Off Shotgun        

Ready for a Fight

Find the Hunting Rifle    

Greatest Hits

Find the Crossbow          

Stop Right There

Find the Pump-Action Shotgun   

Find the Light

Find the Flashlight and Revolver 

Lights Shining

Find the Flare Gun          

Yippee Ki-yay

Find the Double-Barrelled Shotgun           

Aimed Ahead

Defeat five enemies with headshots        

Coffee Thermos

Discover a Break Room  

Felt Good

Use a Healing Item         


Defeat Nightingale          

Bright Falls’ Finest

Defeat Mulligan and Thornton    

Girl in Love

Defeat Cynthia  

Filled with Rage

Defeat Scratch   

Storm Cloud

Escape from the Dark Presence  

Stop the Monster

Interrupt a Taken Thrower’s relocation attempt with the Flashlight Boost 

Growing Stronger

Upgrade any weapon once

All Smiles

Fully upgrade a single weapon   

Carry his Words

Discover a Word of Power           

Nightmare Territory

Pick up a map    

Grew Bigger

Upgrade the inventory’s size       

I’ll Find You

Find all Nursery Rhyme dolls       

Stunning Vistas

Stun an enemy with a Flashbang               

Gone for Good

Defeat an enemy with an explosion         

The Story Come True

Complete Alan Wake 2  

Hunting Season

Complete chapter “The Cult”      

Somebody’s Home

Complete chapter “Invitation”    

Into the Overlap

Complete chapter “The Heart”   

Back in Watery

Complete chapter “Local Girl”    

We Watch in the Night

Complete chapter “No Chance” 

The Old Gods

Complete chapter “Old Gods”     

Seeing Double

Complete chapter “Scratch”        

Rock n’ Roll, Baby

Complete chapter “Summoning”               

The Final Deerfest

Complete chapter “Deerfest”      

End of the Road

Complete chapter “Come Home”              

Talk Show

Complete chapter “Late Night”   

New York City

Complete chapter “Casey”           


Complete chapter “Haunting”     

All His Life

Complete chapter “We Sing”       

In a Fancy Hotel

Complete chapter “Room 665”  

Told and Retold

Complete chapter “Return”         

Behind the Masks

Complete chapter “Masks”          

The Cult of the Word

Complete chapter “Zane’s Film” 

His Way Out

Complete chapter “Gone”            

All Accounted For

Find all weapons for both characters       

In One Go

Defeat an enemy with a single shot from the Crossbow   

Shift in Reality

Complete all Nursery Rhyme puzzles       

Hidden by the Trees

Find all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes      

Coffee-Themed Fun

Shoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World 

Filling the Shape

Place a Charm in all of the bracelet’s slots            

Rustic Charm

Find all the Charms         

Back to Life

Use a Coffee Mug Charm to prevent defeat          

The Nice Things in Life

Pet Mayor Setter             

The Other Side

Change between stories once     

In total, Alan Wake 2 has a lengthy list of 67 achievements, including the PlayStation exclusive platinum trophy named “Sisu.” The list is comprised of story-related trophies, miscellaneous challenges, and collectibles, but has no difficulty requirements, making 100% completion straightforward and easy when using a guide.

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