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Does Age of Mythology: Retold Have Crossplay Support? – Answered

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It’s been a long time coming, but Age of Mythology is finally getting the remaster treatment with Age of Mythology: Retold from World’s Ege and Forgotten Empires. Like previous definitive editions of the Age of Empire series, Age of Mythology: Retold also has multiplayer support for both competitive and cooperative play. However, does Age of Mythology: Retold have crossplay support? Here is everything you need to know.

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Does Age of Mythology: Retold Have Crossplay Support?

YesAge of Mythology: Retold has full crossplay support between PC and Xbox Series S|X.

This was confirmed officially by the developers on their main FAQ page for Age of Mythology: Retold.

This means that players can play with or against each other in multiplayer regardless of the platform they’re on. Even if you’re playing on Steam, the Xbox App on PC, or the Xbox Series S|X, you will be able to play together from day one. You can also play against the AI on dozens of randomly generated maps and scenarios. Additionally, the new “Arena of the Gods” mode will also feature co-op support, so there is even more content to enjoy together.

Xbox Series S|X players will need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Core for multiplayer functionality. The standard edition of Age of Mythology: Retold is also coming day one to Game Pass on PC and consoles, which is a great way to try out the multiplayer aspect at launch.

Age of Mythology: Retold is coming to PC and Xbox Series S|X on September 4, 2024. The standard edition will be available on day one on Game Pass for PC and consoles.

If you’re interested in the PC version, we recommend checking out the official system requirements, and how you can play a week early. We’re really glad that crossplay will be available from the get-go, and we hope the launch experience is smooth.

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