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Do Valorant Skins Carry Over Once the Beta Is Over?

by Liana Ruppert

The Valorant beta is pretty much the hottest thing since sliced bread and now that the beta codes have been unlocked to drop in every Valorant stream, more and more curious gamers are looking to get in on the action. The CS:GO-esque online title offers unlockable skins that players can earn, but do those carry over after the beta is wrapped? 

Do Valorant skins carry over once the beta is over? 

Since players can purchase in-game skins, it’s a normal concern to make sure that those skins can be kept long after the beta wraps up. Unfortunately for those hoping for good news, the answer is no, but there is a silver lining! For those that chose to purchase in-game skins during the Valorant beta, Riot Games is making sure it’s worth the money. In addition to getting those Valorant Points back after the beta wraps, players will also receive a 20% bonus on that points return as well, making it an investment to purchase in-game cosmetics. 


What kind of skins can you buy in the Valorant Beta? 

The Valorant store cycles out every week with a featured skin being the highlight weekly. In addition to the featured skin, there are daily refreshes as well that will offer four skins up for grabs, which gives players a few options when it comes to wanting a specific kind of weapon flair. 

There are also character unlocks as well to consider and those can be gained through character Contracts as well as buying them with Valorant Points, which require IRL money. Here is a helpful conversion chart that we whipped up: 

$4.99 = 475 VP

$9.99 = 1000 VP

$19.99 = 2050 VP 

$34.99 = 3650 VP

$49.99 = 5350 VP 

$99.99 = 11000 VP

So while the Valorant skins don’t carry over from the Beta, it’s not a total loss and it gives players a chance to see how the in-game purchasing system works without totally having to commit. Given that this game is being deemed the next big thing in esports, it’s a guarantee that numerous events will take place with a variety of cosmetic options to unlock. Even if you don’t spend those Valorant Points immediately, they will have purpose at some point during the game’s shelf life. 

We don’t have a release date yet for when Valorant launches, or when the Valorant beta ends, but you can learn more about Riot Games’ shooter right here through our Game Hub with news, tips, tricks, and even cosplay! Be sure to also hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with all of those Valorant thoughts and desires! 

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