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The Division – Medical Skills Guide

by Bryan Dawson

This article should serve as a Medical skills guide for The Division. We’ll breakdown each skill and the associated mods so you can build the best medic in the business. You can also take the knowledge here and use it to determine which Medical skills you want to use for your DPS or tanking builds. We’ve already covered some of the best character builds in The Division, but now we’re going to take a closer look at the Medical skills so you can make your own decisions on which skills and mods you will to prioritize.


Pulse is great for not only marking hostile targets within 60 meters, but also increasing your critical hit chance and critical hit damage. Anytime you use Pulse it scans 60 meters in all directions to determine if there are hostile forces nearby. If no hostiles are found, the cooldown time is greatly reduced. You should be using this frequently so you know the exact location of hostiles, even if they’re hiding behind walls or other obstructions.

Mod: Recon Pack – This mod increases the range of Pulse to 80 meters and identifies any loot containers within that radius in addition to hostile forces. If you’re playing solo this is a great mod to have so you don’t need to search every nook and cranny trying to find loot crates.

Mod: Scrambler – This mod blocks scans from hostile forces for 25 seconds, but lowers the damage and critical hit chance buff you would normally receive. When you’re in the Dark Zone, this is a great tool to help you sneak up on other players. It works best if at least two party members are using Pulse with this mod so you can have it active all the time, alternating between the two party members.

Mod: Tactical Scanner – This mod increases your party’s critical hit damage, but has a slightly longer cooldown. If you’re in the Dark Zone and two party members are using the Scrambler mod, it’s not a bad idea to have at least one party member with this mod. It’s not required for all party members to have Pulse, but this mod can change the outcome of a battle when used in the midst of a fight.

Master: Threat Detector – The master mod lets you know if you’ve been scanned by a hostile enemy’s Pulse and provides an early warning if there are hostiles nearby. It works especially well in the Dark Zone because you’ll know if enemy forces are within 60-80 meters of your present location.

First Aid

First Aid is your standard issue healing ability. It can be used on yourself, which also heals any allies within three meters, or you can target any ally within 40 meters and it will heal within a three meter radius around the target. You want to make note of approximately how much it heals each of your party members relative to the amount of health they have, then use it any time you think it will top off an ally so you can keep your team alive and healthy as often as possible.

The big advantage of using the First Aid skill over a medkit is that you have an unlimited amount of First Aid uses, while you have a limited supply of medkits. You should only be using a medkit if you are in dire need of healing and First Aid is not available. The more you can conserve medkits the less you’ll have to go back and restock.

Mod: Defibrillator – With this mod you can revive downed allies and heal them once revived. You can still target allies up for 40 meters away, and it will still heal any allies with three meters of your fallen teammate. This is a great mod to use in the Dark Zone when it can be very dangerous to leave cover in order to revive an ally.

Mod: Overdose – This mod increases the amount healed when you use First Aid and can provide an overshield to allies who are already close to full health. When you reach higher levels and start facing off against more powerful weaponry, it can be very helpful to have the improved healing ability this mod gives First Aid. Even some AI enemies have weapons that will drain almost all of your health in a single shot, so the more effective your First Aid, the better off you’ll be.

Mod: Booster Shot – This mod gives the target a slight damage buff, but doesn’t heal quite as much as a normal First Aid heal. If you have a team that has multiple healing options between your party members, you may want at least one player to use this mod so you can increase your overall damage output.

Master: Extended Service – The master mod extends the duration of First Aid. When you use First Aid you’ll see a green outline around the effected party members. This lasts for a short time, but any party member that moves within range of the green outline will be healed as long as the outline is visible. This mod makes that outline last longer, giving your party members more time to move within range of your First Aid heal.

Support Station

The Support Station is essentially the medical version of a Turret. It slowly heals or revives allies within eight meters of the device. If you’ve played traditional RPGs, think of this as a regen effect. As long as the Support Station is around, any allies within eight meters are slowly healed, or you can use it to revive an ally. It stays around for 30 seconds, but has a lengthy cooldown of about 80 seconds. Drop this behind cover when your party starts taking damage.

Mod: Life Support – This mod will automatically revive any downed allies within six meters of the device. The range is cut a little bit, but with the ability to automatically revive downed allies, it can be very helpful in a firefight.

Mod: Immunizer – This mod removes all status ailments and makes allies immune to negative status effects as long as they remain within eight meters of the device. Generally speaking you shouldn’t be using this mod unless you’re up against enemies who are constantly using tear gas or similar weapons. It’s usually better to use consumables to provide the same effect so you can opt to go with a different mod for the Support Station.

Mod: Ammo Cache – This mod replenishes the ammo of party members within eight meters every time they reload a weapon. This is a great mod to use in the Dark Zone so your team doesn’t have to go back for ammo or look for a restock crate. It can also help in a pinch if your party starts to run out of ammo in the middle of a battle.

Master: Discharge – This master mod gives you a reason to disable the device. When you disable it, the device instantly heals allies within eight meters. If you need a quick heal instead of a slow regeneration, this mod can essentially turn the Support Station into a less potent First Aid skill.

Recovery Link

The Signature Skill for the Medical wing is basically a super version of the First Aid skill. It heals all allies within 40 meters for more health than First Aid (even with the Overdose mod). It will also give allies an overshield for a limited time if they’re already close to full health. With a very long cooldown period you should only use this as a last resort if your team is on the verge of death. However, when used it can mean all the difference in a battle against hostile forces.

Be sure to check out our Division walkthrough and guide where you’ll find our medic guide as well as our character build guide to provide you with more information on the best skills offered in the Division.

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