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The Division – How to Get Phoenix Credits

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to find and spend Phoenix Credits in The Division. You’ll have all kinds of currency to spend in Tom Clancy’s The Division, including Credits, which can be used to buy a number of goods. However, when you reach maximum rank within the game, you’ll be able to pick up a special kind of currency called Phoenix Credits.

These can only be used once your character reaches Rank 30 in the game. At that point, you’ll run across vendors inside and outside of the Dark Zone that require these to purchase certain high-end items they have available, like keys, gear and weapons.

Here’s Where To Clean Up On Phoenix Credits

After you get to the max rank within the game, you’ll find Daily Missions that can be taken on after you conclude the main game. These include taking on previously completely story missions to earn Phoenix Credits, with three Missions each day. You can find these on the map highlighted by a white circle, alongside the difficulty setting for each one and the word “Daily.”

Phoenix Credits that you pick up from these missions can be shared between characters, and you can take them on with individual characters, in case you have more than one to choose from. By having more at the ready, you can earn more Phoenix Credits over the course of a day, so stock up!

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for ones with a Challenging difficulty rating. By completing these, you’ll earn extra Phoenix Credits on top of what you already would’ve been awarded for the mission. Let’s say you take on a mission on hard difficulty – that will only give you 20 Phoenix Credits. However, if you take the Challenging route, you can earn a total of 50.

Bosses throughout the Dark Zone also have a good chance of dropping Phoenix Credits. It’s not the most reliable way to earn them – completing missions is your best bet there – but you can keep an eye open after bringing them down to see what pops up. Challenging missions, as we mentioned above, provides a better opportunity to pick them up. And the more you have, the more you can buy from vendors.

Spending Your Precious Phoenix Credits

Once you reach max rank, keep an eye open for a Special Gear Vendor in the Tech Wing of your Base of Operations. You’ll find them right next to the Recalibration Station, just left of the laptop in the West Wing. They’ll sell you goods using Phoenix Credits, and offer a variety of goods based on what missions you complete. It never hurts to keep checking back in to see what new stuff they have.

Dark Zone vendors usually go for Dark Zone currency, but there are some that actually take Phoenix Credits on top of that. Look for the Special Vendor in the northernmost portion of the city, as they’re most likely to accept these Credits. A large church in DZ06, around the north end of the Zone, is the best bet to catch this Vendor.

There is a certain rank you need to be at in the Dark Zone before you can make purchases, so keep an eye on your level. Again, it helps if you’re close to or achieving max rank.

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