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The Division – How to Extract Loot in the Dark Zone

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers the best ways to find loot in the Dark Zone as well as holding on to it long enough to extract your loot. Getting loot is one thing, but making sure you keep your loot is another, as you often have to call for extraction. This can be especially tricky in the Dark Zone, where opponents are a lot tougher than they appear.

Not to mention the fact that it’s actually contaminated. Killing an enemy will often leave behind items, but snagging it will indicate a marker on your back that shows you’re carrying weapons, gears, mods, cosmetic items, or a combination of them. This marker could make you an easy target for other players, compared to when you’re not carrying anything.

You can hold up to six pieces of Dark Zone loot at a time, although if you upgrade the Medical Wings of your Base of Operations with the Decontamination Units (costing 200 Supplies), you can up this count to seven.

Pick up all the loot you can, as much as you can carry, and then you’ll need to extract in order to add this to your stash. Then you can go back and get more within the Dark Zone.

Here are some tips to help you along:

Getting Extracted

Look on your in-game map when you’re ready for a pick-up, and you’ll see the closest extraction point that’s available to you. They’re usually colored in orange, and have an icon showing the way to get there. You can always set a waypoint if you get lost, and just follow the lines to the point.

Watch out for Rogue agents, though – they’ll attempt to rob you of your loot before you get to that point. The HUD will show where these characters are, marked as red skulls. Try to avoid them the best you can, so you don’t get killed and lose your goodies. Take a beaten path to get to the extraction point if you need to.

Make the Call

Once you get to the extraction point, you can see a helicopter landing spot. Get close to it (not necessarily in it, although you can) and initiate the call to begin the extraction process. Look for an area that provides a good amount of cover, so you can see enemies coming, as well as avoid any sniper fire from rogues from afar. Only make a break for it when you need to attach the loot when your extraction arrives.

You’ll have to wait 90 seconds before the helicopter arrives. Other players will be notified that you’re attempting to extract your loot and will try and attack you before it can be lifted. Find a good spot for cover, as we mentioned above, and try to use the Pulse device, which will read any nearby enemies, including Rogues, so that you can prepare for battle. Pick off whomever you can, but play it safe until the helicopter arrives. Otherwise, no loot for you.

Getting Attached

When it comes to latching onto your loot (after clearing the area), you’ll want to keep an eye for a rope dropping down from the helicopter. Go towards your loot and use the on-screen prompt to attach it. After that, it should take off, and the loot will be safely added to your Stash. You should be able to check on it in any of your given PvE Safe Houses, as well as your Base of Operations.

The Fight With Rogues

Of course, nothing is as simple as that, as Rogues will no doubt be chasing after that loot. The active extraction area is where they’ll more than likely enter the most, waiting for you to be distracted with loot attachment so they can strike.

There are a few things you can do. First off, look for a quiet spot to extract your loot. There are plenty of ones where a lot of combat is taking place, so avoid these. You may see agents with clearly marked rolls on their backs as well, probably doing the same thing as you. Those without loot, however, are likely asking for trouble. If you need to, try to talk with them first to feel out their vibe, then strike if necessary.

There are other extraction zones you can go to, even though you face risk from Rogues and other agents along the way. Go ahead and take out any threats you feel are going to be a danger (like agents without rolls). You might be marked Rogue if you turn out to be wrong, but you can still extract your loot before you get attacked.

Remember, fire first when you can, even if you might be wrong. Talking may work, but you could leave yourself open to attack, and then there goes your loot.

Keep At It

Six items will often fit in your Stash, so you can repeat the looting process four more times. It can hold up to 30 items in all, perfect for about five to six extractions. You’ll need to cut it short if you expand your bag up to seven items. Once it’s full, go to one of the checkpoints outside the Dark Zone, then make your way to a Safe House via Fast Travel. This will allow you to access your Stash, breaking them down for materials or selling them, or using them if you need a boost to your firepower. You can go back into the Dark Zone once your Stash is empty, and fill up again.

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