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The Division – Find All Echo Locations

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to find all ECHO locations in The Division. If you collect all 63 ECHOs you’ll be rewarded for your trouble by earning a cosmetic Rose Jacket for your character.

Before you get started, there is one thing to keep in mind with the first Michael Dufrane ECHO. It can be a bit buggy going into part one, as it can still show up on the map even if you have it. If that’s the case, just have an ally launch the side quest for you, then join up with them and do the quest again. That should clear it right up.

When finding ECHOs, you actually need to collect them once you activate them, and not just turn them on. This may not always be the case, like when you’re completing main and side missions, but otherwise, consider it the status quo.

There are some great side stories to be discovered here, but maybe wait until you complete the main game to get the most out of them. There are also some that can’t be picked up until you take on side quests, as you’ll see in the breakdown below.

Where to Find General ECHOs

ECHO 01: End of the World Party, located in Clinton – Go to the rooftop close to 9th Avenue (between West 47th Street and West 49th Street) to find this one. It’s also known as the Breaking Bad Easter Egg.

ECHO 02: Blue-Collar, located in Tenderloin – Head to the street near the 6th Avenue and West 24th Street intersection and look for a tall building.

ECHO 03: Interview, located in the Garment District – Go to 6th Avenue and West 36th Street, then look right past the Dark Zone checkpoint.

ECHO 04: CERA, located in Pennsylvania Plaza – This one’s right next to your Base of Operations, off to the northeast.

ECHO 05: Goulash, located in the Hudson Refugee Camp – Go to the very start and look for it before you get to your first group of Cleaners.

ECHO 06: Cleaners, located in Tenderloin – Go across the street from the nearby Electronic Parts store, over on West 21st Street, and you’ll see a signal for two ECHO’s. There’s only one, though.

ECHO 07: Pyre, located in the Garment District Safe House – Go to West 34th Street and 7th Avenue, and check the street over by the Electronic Parts store.

ECHO 08: Ground Zero, located in the Broadway Emporium – Finish up the Cleaners first, then check the store on the first level of the nearby building to find the ECHO.

ECHO 09: Supply Chain, located in Chelsea – Go south of your Base of Operations and look on the intersection between 8th Avenue and West 24th Street.

ECHO 10: Power Plant, located in the Warren Gate Power Plant – Check for Riker’s leader Larae Barret and you should come across this ECHO with ease.

ECHO 11: Lexington, located in the Lexington Event Center. Save the JTF hostages that are being held by Rikers, and you should find this ECHO.

ECHO 12: Quarter, located in Turtle Bay – Head to 3rd Avenue between East 46th Street and East 47th Street and you’ll find this ECHO.

ECHO 13: Curfew, located in Turtle Bay – Go to the intersection of East 47th Street and 2nd Avenue and check to the southeast of the nearby Contamination Zone.

ECHO 14: Protest, located in Kips Bay – Head to East 33rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue and you’ll find this amidst the protest.

ECHO 15: Samaritans, located in Kips Bay – Head to the Safe House and go west a little bit, and you’ll see it around some citizens helping a mugged woman.

ECHO 16: Vigilante, located in Gramercy – Head to East 20th Street and 3rd Avenue and go north, and look for the Tools spot.

ECHO 17: The Wall, located in Murray Hill – Go to 1st Avenue between East 38th Street and East 36th Street, and look for the Rikers and LMB fighting each other.

ECHO 18: Unwarranted, located in Murray Hill – Go to the corner of Park Avenue and East 36th Street close to the Dark Zone, and head into the nearby apartment.

ECHO 19: Missing, located in the Flatiron District – Go east of Park Avenue and south of East 23rd Street, and look in the alley. Check for some photos and body bags and the ECHO will be nearby.

ECHO 20: Buskers, located in the Flatiron District – Go to Union Square (close to East 15th street) and look for folks playing some music.

ECHO 21: Snowball, located in Stuyvesant – Look for four apartment buildings north of the Weapons Parts spot, and look for a couple of kids playing nearby.

ECHO 22: Shepherd, located in Clinton – Go to West 4th Street, close to 9th Avenue, and look right outside the front door of a nearby church.

ECHO 23: Clinic, located in Hell’s Kitchen – Go to 9th Avenue, West 42nd Street and West 43rd Street and look for the clinic.

ECHO 24: Due Process, located in Clinton – Look for the police station that has Weapons Parts, over by 8th Avenue and West 53rd Street.

ECHO 25: Hostile Takeover, located in Times Square – Go to West 46th Street and West 45th Street, close to Broadway, and go west from the Dark Zone.

ECHO 26: Shortcut, located in Chelsea – Go east of Camp Hudson along West 23rd Street and West 22nd Street, and be on the lookout for a broken fence.

ECHO 27: Workshop, located in the Napalm Production Site – Take on Joe Ferro, the leader of the Cleaners, and look for the ECHO after you’re done.

Where to Find Rogue Agents ECHOs

Rogue Agent 01: United Nations, during the General Assembly mission – You’ll get this once you defeat Colonel Bliss.

Rogue Agent 02: Safe House, located in Stuyvesant – Go outside the nearby apartment and you’ll find this ECHO.

Rogue Agent 03: Captured, located in the Police Academy Mission – Take on the first wave Division agents and head to the gymnasium afterwards.

Rogue Agent 04: Executioner, located in Times Square – Go between 8th Avenue and Broadway, just south of West 55th Street, and make your way into the alley.

Rogue Agent 05: Retaliation, located in Clinton – Go to 10th Avenue and West 47th Street, and look for a Division agent cleaning house on some Rikers after they hang a JTF soldier.

Rogue Agent 06: Invitation, located in Camp Hudson – You can only get this after killing Colonel Bliss. Be on the lookout around 10th Avenue and West 23rd Street.

Where to Find April Kelleher ECHOs

April Kelleher 01: Riot, located in Chelsea – Go between 7th and 8th Avenue while you’re on West 23rd Street, and look for both JTF agents and looters.

April Kelleher 02: Sanctuary, located in Clinton – Go to 9th Avenue and look for an apartment close to an Electronic Parts spot.

April Kelleher 03: Haggle, located in Flatiron District – Go along East 22nd Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue, and look for a woman yelling.

April Kelleher 04: Midnight Run, located in Turtle Bay – Go east of the Dark Zone along East 41st and 42nd Street, and get to 3rd Avenue.

April Kelleher 05: Standoff, located in Midtown East – Head to East 47th Street and get close to Madison Avenue to get this crucial ECHO.

Where to Find Miracle ECHOs

Miracle 01: Unbroken, located in Turtle Bay – Go to East 45th and East 46th Street and make your way west of 1st Avenue.

Miracle 02: Fearless, located in Turtle Bay – Go to East 46th Street and head north, where you see a guy diving off a construction site. Ouch.

Miracle 03: Origin, located in Murray Hill – Go north of FDR Drive and head towards the water. Look for a guy that thinks he’s able to fly. (Different from the other guy.)

Where to Find Heather Lau ECHOs

Heather Lau Part 01, located in Chelsea Park – Take on the first part of the Mission Person: Heather Lau side mission and you’ll find this.

Heather Lau Part 02, located in Pennsylvania Plaza – Look on the sidewalk next to a closed Food Market to get this one.

Heather Lau Part 03, located in Pennsylvania Plaza – Head north from where you found the last ECHO and you’ll locate this one.

Where to Find Michael Dufrane ECHOs

Michael Dufrane Part 01, located in the Garment District — Go to Durfrane’s apartment, located at West 39th Street and 7th Avenue, and pick up this ECHO. (NOTE: This is the one that has the glitch error mentioned above.)

Michael Dufrane Part 02, located in the Garment District – Just head west on 39th Street and you’ll find this second one.

Michael Dufrane Part 03, located in the garment District – Go down to the subway close to where you found the last ECHO, and this case will be wrapped up.

Where to Find Judy Walters ECHOs

Judy Walters Part 01, located in Hell’s Kitchen – Go to West 42nd Street and Dyer Avenue to find this first ECHO.

Judy Walters Part 02, located in Hell’s Kitchen – You’ll be able to find this one quite easily, not too far from the first one you found.

Judy Walters Part 03, located in Hell’s Kitchen – Go to West 4th Street and Dyer Avenue and look inside the nearby building you were in before.

Judy Walters Part 04, located in Hell’s Kitchen – Stick with the same area you were in and use your waypoint on your map to find this ECHO.

Judy Walters Part 05, located in Hell’s Kitchen – Just go to the street outside from where you were to find this fifth and final ECHO.

Where to Find Alexis Kwan ECHOs

Alexis Kwan Part 01, Located in Gramercy – Head to East 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue to find this first ECHO.

Alexis Kwan Part 02, located in Gramercy – Follow the provided Waypoint and you’ll get to an apartment to find the second ECHO.

Alexis Kwan Part 03, located in Gramercy – You’ll be guided to this final ECHO, which should take you to Alexis’ home.

Where to Find Bernard Gamble ECHOs

Bernard Gamble Part 01, located in Turtle Bay – Head east of 2nd Avenue and south of East 49th Street and you’ll find Gamble talking with the JTF.

Bernard Gamble Part 02, located in Turtle Bay – Just go south to where you found the first ECHO (around the north side of East 46th Street).

Bernard Gamble Part 03, located in Turtle Bay – Keep heading south and you’ll eventually get past 46th Street, and find the last ECHO in an alley.

Where to Find Nobel Squad ECHOs

Nobel Squad Part 01, located in Kips Bay – Go east of the Dark Zone (towards East 31st Street), and you’ll find the squad right before you get to 3rd Avenue.

Nobel Squad Part 02, located in Kips Bay – Go north of East 32nd Street and look for a Tools location, with the Squad taking on Rikers.

Nobel Squad Part 03, located in Kips Bay – Go inside that Tools spot and you’ll find Doug Sutton, the last remaining member of the Squad.

Nobel Squad Part 04, located in Kips Bay – Go outside the Electronics spot on 3rd Avenue and East 34th Street to find this ECHO.

Nobel Squad Part 05, located in Turtle Bay – Finally, head north of East 34th Street and get close to Park Avenue, and you’ll see the closure of the tale of Nobel Squad and Doug Sutton.

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