The Division – Find All Crashed Drones

Find all of the destroyed flying vehicles throughout Manhattan.

This article will instruct you on how to find all of the crashed drones in The Division. There are tons of collectibles for you to find throughout The Division, if you find all 16 crashed drones, you’ll score a sweet Frost Jacket for your character, so this is sure to help you along.

First, a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to make use of the Canine Unit in the Security Wing, unlocking it as soon as possible so you can sniff out important Intel as you complete encounters and side missions.

Drones are usually found on rooftops, so you’ll sometimes need to make your way to the backside of a building to access the area.

You’ll also want to zoom in all the way on your map to locate these Drones, as well as other items like Tools, Weapon Parts, Fabric and Electronics. Along with adding these to your inventory, each piece of Intel will also score you precious XP, which will get you closer to level 30 with each new one you find.

As you get close to Crashed Drones, keep an ear open for noises. These will indicate their location, if the below tips don’t help you enough in finding them. You’ll usually see it hanging from something, so quickly shoot it down, and then pick it up. You won’t be able to snag it otherwise.

On with the locations!

Drone #1: Riot, located in the Pennsylvania Plaza. Go to West 33rd Street, West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. You’ll see it on a rooftop. Shoot it down and it’s yours.

Drone #2: Mass Graves, located in Tenderloin.Go west of the 5th Avenue and West 22nd Street crossing, and look across from the nearby sports bar.

Drone #3: JTF Traffic, located in the Garment District. Go to the low rooftop near the 9th Avenue and West 39th Street crossings, and shoot it down.

Drone #4: Construction, located in Clinton. Go past the 9th Avenue and West 47th Street intersection, and look to the east.

Drone #5: Quarantine, located in Clinton. Go to the intersection of West 46th Street and 10th Avenue, and look to the northwest on the corner.

Drone #6: Shipments, located in Times Square. Go to West 42nd Street and go between 7th and 8th Avenue. Look north of this area and you’ll see the drone.

Drone #7: Explosion, located in Hell’s Kitchen. Go south of West 42nd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, and look for a Fabric location. Shoot it down and it’s all yours.

Drone #8: Dark Zone, located in Times Square. Go to West 53rd Street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway, and it’ll be easy to spot.

Drone #9: Supplies, located in the Flatiron District. Go north of East 20th Street, somewhere between 5th Avenue and Broadway.

Drone #10: Basketball, located in Gramercy. Head to East 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue, and look in the northwest corner.

Drone #11: Traffic Jam, located in Kips Bay. Go to East 31st Street and Park Avenue, and head south and east.

Drone #12: LMB Camp, located in Murray Hill. Go to the 3rd Avenue and East 36th Street intersection, and go southeast.

Drone #13: Hospital, located in Turtle Bay. Head to East 41st Street and go north, just about a half block east of the Dark Zone. You won’t see it on the map, so look carefully.

Drone #14: Humanitarians, located in Turtle Bay. Go to the way southeast part of the district and make your way to 1st Avenue. Look by the water.

Drone #15: LMB Processing, located in Midtown East.Go east of Madison Avenue, between East 53rd Street and East 52nd Street and you’ll see it.

Drone #16: Supply Line, located in Midtown East. Head to East 55th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. Go to the north and you’ll find this final drone.

Good luck! Be sure to get more tips from in our Division walkthrough and guide, including how to find all Survival Guide locations and our Medical Skills guide!

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