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The Division – Final All Superior Blueprints

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to find all Superior Blueprints in The Division. When you want to create new gear and weapons in Tom Clancy’s The Division (like the purple ones), you’ll need to get your hands on Superior blueprints. While sellers will offer Superior items once you get to a certain level, they’ll be a bit costlier than expected, so building is a better way to go when you get the option.

Superior items are the best thing you can have on your person outside of maximum rank, since they manage to exceed all other items, save for high-end quality ones. But you won’t get your hands on that until you reach rank 30 and get close to ending the game, so Superior weapons are the next best things to have.

You’ll see more of these items open up between vendors and loot drops throughout the city, but, again, at a high cost. That may not be the way to go if you want specific items, but you can build them yourself and stock up on Credits as a result.

Here’s how to get started!

Finding the Superior Blueprints

Working your way through The Division, you’ll see more Safe Houses and activities open up. You’ll be able to check the Situation Board regularly, or check in with a JTF officer to see what side missions open up.

Check out all the nearest side missions and take them on. By completing certain ones in a district, you’ll earn a purple Superior blueprint for items, as well as access to blue Specialized blueprints too, in case you feel like collecting. Once you’re done, take the blueprint back to the Safe House and chat with the JTF officer to get the allotted reward.

The districts vary depending on blueprint rewards, as only a handful of them have Superior ones. You’ll want to check for the higher level districts to the East to find the most of them, and keep an eye on level requirements in order to earn each one.

Try to stick with Times Square, Flatiron, Kips Bay and Midtown East Districts to find the best blueprints. For gear, Hell’s Kitchen and Gramercy are your best bets. For mods, take on the missions in Clinton and Stuyvesant. And for Performance Gear, stick with the side missions in Turtle Bay.

You can also purchase blueprints from vendors within the game, including ones by the Dark Zone entrances and Safe Houses. For these, though, you will need a high-enough DZ rank before you can purchase them.

Check your Base of Operations for an Advanced Weapons Vendor in case you don’t feel like building anything, and make sure you upgrade the Armory accordingly in the Security Wing to make it available.

As you get the Blueprints, go over to the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations and see what supplies are needed to put it together. Make sure you match up on level requirement as well, or else you won’t be getting too far with putting it together. You can always build the item and leave it in your Stash if you’re not properly leveled up, then go out and complete missions until you get to that point.

Once you’ve got this gear built and good to go, you’ll be a superior officer across the board!

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