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The Division – Best Dark Zone PvP Build

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers options for the best Dark Zone build for PvP battles in The Division. You’re going to find that hanging around in the Dark Zone PvP will be one of the best activities to partake in once you reach maximum level. Through this guide, you’ll learn what you need to put together when it comes to surviving against the odds, especially when facing off against higher-end bosses and enemy agents that have gone rogue.

With these build, you’ll put together a character that can dish out DPS (Damage Per Second) like a pro, while taking better damage. By doing both of these, you’ll stand a greater chance in the Dark Zone.

Getting Into Your Class

Making sure you have the proper loadout will lead to better survival odds within both PvE and PvP match-ups. That said, you’ll want to keep an eye on what weapons will suit you best in an effort to push up your stats overall.

Managing the Right Weapon Loadout

First off, make sure you keep an eye on your DPS. By having this as your primary asset (and not so much the actual damage which is done by ammunition), you’ll be able to hit enemies harder. This is mainly due to its balance of bullet damage, fire rate and clip size, provided that your accuracy is right on target.

It really comes down to how you play. Run and gunners may go with the light machine gun, which provides a better DPS, but your accuracy may suffer as a result. As a result, your output will likely suffer overall.

The best way to go is with the submachine gun, which is balanced across the board with DPS in terms of accuracy and output. You’ll stand a better chance of not only hitting your targets, but also scoring critical hits in some scenarios, which in turn increase the overall damage the weapon can deliver – and your DPS, for that matter. There’s also a significant fire rate, making it good to take down enemy agents within your sights quickly and conveniently, as you keep moving through the Zone. You can’t do that much when wielding a sniper rifle or an LMG.

Make sure you go with proper modifications as well. If you’re using an SMG or assault rifle, try a magazine mod that picks up the increase size, as well as the opportunity to get better critical hits or the rate of fire. Those with lower accuracy could use something that makes for better headshots, as well as a push in accuracy and stability. By keeping these in check, your DPS will pick up with weapons that can fire more ammo, which in turn can help you take down rogue agents and do damage to bosses.

Getting the Right Gear For the Job

You’ll also want to keep tabs with your gear, especially when it can help you with critical hit chance and damage bonus attributes, particularly with submachine guns. Stuff like gloves provide additional damage, provided that you have the right gear matching up with the right weapon.

DPS output is a huge plus, but defense comes into play as well, like armor that ranks high in the Dark Zone and health bonuses that can help when you’re being hit by enemies. You’ll also want to jump at the chance a gear item can increase your mobility as well, as this gives you a boost in the evasion department.

One bonus attribute can be re-rolled with each gear item you get, using the Recalibration Station. You’ll find this in your Tech Wing. By recalibrating, you can actually upgrade a gear item to be better. But keep in mind that once it’s done, you can’t change an attribute on the same piece of gear – it’s a one-time deal. Make sure you go with the option you want to re-roll, and then hit the Recalibration Station.

The Best Skills For the Job

You’ll want to make sure you pick the right talents and skills for your soldier when playing in PvP. For damage output – one of the more crucial factors – go with the Pulse ability using the Tactical Scanner mod, which will allow you to score extra damage against dangerous enemies that read on the scan. This, in turn, picks up damage output to a much more acceptable level.

Try the First Aid ability as well, modified with the Booster Shot mod. By having this, you can heal much more quickly than you normally would, a useful tool when you take a bit too much damage (and you will in the Dark Zone). You’ll also see a pick-up in overall damage output for a small amount of time. Apply it carefully, and you’ll be able to recover from a deadly situation, getting back into the firefight.

Signature Skills-wise, you’ll want to go with the Survivor Link, which will provide better stability when fighting enemies. The Recovery Link isn’t bad either, especially in PvE scenarios or when you’re in a firefight with a crew, but it might be too sluggish for general Dark Zone play. Maybe go with the Tactical Link instead, which picks up damage and critical hit chances.

DPS is vital for some firefights, but keep in mind it isn’t everything – especially when it comes to survival. Make sure you have plenty of defensive items on hand, like the Survivor Link. By arming this, you’ll reduce damage by 80 percent, while picking up your general movement by 30 percent. It’ll let you take greater damage, and also allow you to get into cover much more quickly.

As for talents, you’ll want to go with On the Move. By having this on hand, you’ll take less damage from incoming shots after you take down a hostile while staying, well, on the move. It also works great with Survivor Link, pushing you to keep moving in battle. This is especially good with Dark Zone PvP, where you’ll need to consistently shift around to stay alive, especially when you take on hostile mobs approaching an extraction point, along with rogue agents. Mobility can save your life more than once.

You may also want to consider The One Is One. This will provide a 50 percent increase on chance when it comes to saving a bullet after you land a headshot on an enemy. If you can string them together, you can increase how long your ammunition lasts with each shot you take. They’re a great way to take down enemies, and you’ll save some bullets in the process.

By considering these tips, you should stay alive a bit longer – although you’ll still need the gameplay skills to stay in one piece. If you need further tips our Division walkthrough and guide features coverage on how to survive in the Dark Zone and how to safely extract loot.

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