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Roosevelt Island Stronghold C4 location in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

C4 might seem like too important and deadly an item to misplace, yet in The Division 2’s Roosevelt Island you’ll be asked to grab some C4 to blow up a gate, and might find yourself a little lost. Time’s a ticking to save America and defeat the Outcasts, but you’re wasting time scouring the area for some explosives. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. In this guide we’ll teach you the Roosevelt Island Stronghold C4 location in The Division 2.

This pesky C4 is required during your mission on Roosevelt Island against the Outcasts gang. You’ll need to it blast through a gate and find Emeline Shaw, but don’t be surprised if you’re not entirely sure where you’re being asked to look. Once you’re given the task, a search radius will appear on your minimap, letting you know where to look for the C4. Most players (us included) assumed it’d be in the truck or crates in front, easily available to be picked up. However, that’s not quite the case.

Rather than spend your time hunting fruitlessly on and around the truck or crates, make your way past the truck to the white shipping containers. You should be heading to the wall, away from the truck and aiming for the shipping container with yellow tape dangling down, next to a pile of stacked logs. This is right on the edge of the search area, so you can’t really blame yourself if you missed it thus far. Walk up to the container and you’ll get an Interaction prompt, letting you open it up and grab that much needed C4.

With C4 in hand, you’ll be ready to continue on your mission to save America and all that patriotic jazz. To help you achieve this lofty goal, take a look at our other guides for The Division 2. We’ve got tips for accessing the Dark Zone, as well as how to equip new clothes because, let’s be honest, it’s time you sharpened up your look.

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