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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – All Artefacts of the Tyrant Armor Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – All Artefacts of the Tyrant Armor Locations

Divinity: Original Sin 2, like any roleplaying game, is littered with tons of loot for players to find and make use of. One such set of armor, the Tyrant’s Armor, comprises five pieces that players can find and equip to strengthen themselves. Travel throughout the world with Prima Games to seek all five of the Artefacts of the Tyrant armor.

Armor Pieces Locations

The Tyrant’s Armor is a five-piece set of armor that consists of a helm, chest piece, gloves, greaves, and a pair of boots. You can kick this quest off by completing the quest The Vault of Braccus Rex, which will kick things off and start you on your journey to find all five pieces of this cursed armor.

Now, this armor isn’t just your usual everyday set of metal armor. In fact, each and every piece of the armor is cursed, and putting any piece on without the full set will temporarily curse your character. Because of this, we highly recommend not equipping any of the Tyrant’s Armor until you have located all five pieces of the armor.

Hands of the Tyrant

The first piece of the Tyrants Armor that you’ll find is the gloves. Dubbed the Hands of the Tyrant, these gloves can be found inside of a coffin inside the ruins of the Gargoyle Maze, which is found in the southeastern corner of the map. Before you can open this coffin up, and claim the gloves, you’ll need at least a Strength of 17 or higher, so make sure you have a character that fits this requirement.

Heart of the Tyrant

This armor set’s chest piece can be found within the Dark Cavern, a hidden passage near the shipwreck to the south of the Gargoyle Maze. Look along the rock wall after you take out the lizards on the beach, and you should spot a cavern that you can enter and search through. Head inside, and then move forward to the treasure room, where you’ll find this piece of armor atop the brazier between two pedestals with glowing plants on them.

Tracks of the Tyrant

The boots for this armor set can be found at the top of the tower along the northeastern coast of Fort Joy. You’ll need to teleport to the top of the tower to obtain the boots. If you’re having trouble locating the tower, look out for the broken tower with what appears to be an electrical storm brewing inside.

Tyrant’s Stride

The legs for this armor set can be found within the Ancient Passage inside of Fort Joy prison, where the Withermoore’s Soul Jar is found. Look out for a ladder on the left side of the passage, and then take note of the statue near it. You’ll need a total of 15 Wit on one of your characters to continue, but once you reach this requirement, interact with the statue to obtain the Tyrant’s Stride.

Tyrant’s Helm

The final piece of the armor set can be found deep within the Decrepit Ruins within the ruined castle where you save Gareth. You travel to this area while trying to get your Source Collar removed. Inside the ruins, use the Bless spell to lift the curse on the gate, and then head inside to reach the Armory of Braccus Rex. AT this point, use a character that still has Source Points and interact with the Shrine of Braccus Rex to obtain the Corrupted Tyrant’s Helm.

Now that you have the full set of armor, you can go ahead and equip it. That’s everything you need to know to obtain all five of the Artefacts of the Tryant’s Armor, so be sure to make use of this guide to find all five pieces and equip it to make your characters stronger.

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