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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Controls

by Prima Games Staff

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is finally here, and this is the first time a lot of people have been able to play the two-year old arcade game. Since it’s not a traditional fighting game or a traditional Final Fantasy game, some people are confused about how the controls work. This article covers the Dissidia NT controls so you can jump into the game with a bit more knowledge. Once you have the Dissidia controls down, you’ll be able to start learning how the gameplay works as well.

The controls in Dissidia can seems difficult to understand at first, but after reading through this article and playing the game a bit, you should quickly grasp how the game plays and move on to learning characters. Once you know the controls, be sure to check out how to play and eventually move on to knowing what each character is capable of so you can really start digging into the beta.

Dissidia Controls

You can check out the image and the quick descriptions below, to offer a bit you may need a bit more insight into the controls, but take note that the default controls have changed in the final build of the game. If you want to use the control scheme below it’s now option G in the configuration menu. You can move with the Left Analog Stick and dash with R1. Pressing L1 blocks attacks on the ground or while you’re in the air, but only while your character is stationary. If you’re moving at all you will get a sidestep instead of blocking. You cannot block during a sidestep.

For Bravery Attacks and EX Skills, most characters have more than one. Pressing X (Bravery Attack) or Triangle (EX Skill) will give you the default Bravery Attack or EX Skill respectively. If you hold the Left Analog Stick in a direction and press X or Triangle you will get a different Bravery Attack or EX Skill. You also get different Bravery Attacks depending if you’re on the ground or in the air.

You can find more information on Bravery Attacks and other battle mechanics in our more in-depth look at the basics of the battle system.

Dissidia NT Controls

Note: This is control layout G.

Dissidia Controls Quick Reference Sheet

  • Left Analog Stick – This is used to move your character around the battlefield.
  • Right Analog Stick – Use this to control the position of the camera.
  • D-Pad – Any direction on the d-pad will pull up quick chat messages to your teammates.
  • Touch Pad – Call forth a summon once your summon meter is full.
  • Square – HP Attack
  • Triangle – EX Skill
  • Triangle + Left Analog Stick (Up, Down Left, Right) – Alternate EX Skills
  • X – Bravery Attack
  • X + Left Analog Stick (Up, Down Left, Right) – Alternate Bravery Attacks
  • Circle – Jump (can be used on the ground or in the air)
  • L1 – Block (can be used on the ground or in the air)
  • L1 + Left Analog Stick (Up, Down Left, Right) – Sidestep (can be used on the ground or in the air)
  • R1 – Dash
  • L2 or R2 – Switch Targets
  • Tap L2 + R2 – Target closest enemy.
  • Hold L2 + R2 – Unlock so you can target the summon crystal.

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