Diablo 4 Helltide Mystery Chest Rewards Explained

What's in the box?

Helltide Mystery Chest Diablo 4
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Helltide events are one of the best ways to earn Legendary items in Diablo 4, but it’s the Mystery Chests in particular that contain some of the most lucrative rewards. For containers that cost nearly 200 Cinders, it’s important to know what can be inside, and I’ll outline what you can expect.

What are the Helltide Mystery Chest Rewards in Diablo 4?

The rewards in a Helltide Mystery Chest are always two guaranteed Legendary items, Fiend Roses, and some randomized Elixirs. Each of the Legendary items will also match the World Tier you are in, so when I play in World Tier 3, I can expect at least two Sacred level items to pop out of the chest.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Along with the Legendaries, there are typically a couple of rare pieces of armor that you can sell or salvage for more materials. On a couple of occasions, I have received three Legendary items as rewards from the Helltide Mystery Chest, but that’s a really good roll. As long as you only expect two of the items to show up, you won’t be disappointed.

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To open a Helltide Mystery Chest, there are a couple of requirements. First, you need at least 175 Aberrant Cinders on hand. Once you have enough Cinders, you need to find a Mystery Chest. These don’t appear on the map by default and you have to get close enough for the icon to appear. There is a reason why these have such good rewards compared to the others.

The Helltide events will appear in one of five regions, and there are typically three different possible spawn points for a Mystery Chest. They won’t always appear, but the spawns will remain the same for each region. Luckily, I have the perfect guide for you that details all of the Helltide Mystery Chest locations in Diablo 4.

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