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Diablo 4: Death Harnessed Theories of Rathma on the Ground? Here’s Why

Rathma won't go away.

When I go to Kyovashad in Diablo 4, there is a good chance that the Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma book will appear on the ground. And if I pick up the quest item, it falls out of my bag as soon as I leave the city. To put this book to rest, I’ll go over what it does and why it keeps appearing in Diablo 4.

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Why Does Theories of Rathma Keep Appearing in Diablo 4?

Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma is on the ground due to a quest bug that can affect you or other players in Kyovashad. This bug only happens in Kyovashad because it is linked to a main quest with Neyrelle. When other players take on this quest, they are given the Rathma book as a quest item. This is why the letters are bright blue any time you see the book on the ground.

So why does the book keep appearing in Diablo 4? Most of the time, it’s because of other players in the Fractured Peaks city. When they accept the main quest with Neyrelle, they are given the Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma quest item. However, it can only be held within Kyovashad.

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If any player holding the Rathma book tries to leave Kyovashad, the quest item will simply drop to the ground. This happens whether you use a portal or try to leave through a main gate. I see this happen all the time with dungeon-based items as well. The only difference is that all the players in the instance can see Rathma’s book.

What makes the bug even weirder is that other players can pick up the item. But if you aren’t on the main quest for the Death Harnessed Theories, then I would leave those items alone. They will continue to fall to the ground if they aren’t yours.

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