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How to Get the Fists of Fate Unique in Diablo 4

How's your luck?

Surprisingly similar to another MMO Destiny 2, the end-game is cemented around getting the most unique gear to round out your build. While Destiny 2 gets funky with its Exotic naming scheme, Diablo 4 gets straight to the point with the Unique tier. These items give an exclusive Aspect that can be powerful but is very difficult to find. One such Unique can be great for those who trust odds more than anything. Here’s how to get the Fists of Fate Unique gloves in Diablo 4.

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Where to Find the Fists of Fate in Diablo 4

Similar to almost every other Unique in Diablo 4, you can get the Fists of Fate as a random drop when playing at World Tier 3 or World Tier 4. This random drop can come from enemies, chests, or even breakables scattered around the map. If you’re wanting to farm up Unique items, your best bet is to farm both dungeons and world events like the World Boss or Legion Events. Provided you keep at it, and RNG ends up on your side, the Fists of Fate will be yours.

What Do the Fists of Fate Do?

The Fists of Fate start with four different perks, all giving you rewards on Lucky Hit. Those rewards are a Chance to Heal, Chance to Restore Primary Resource, Chance to Immobilize, and a Chance to Daze. The key Aspect of this Unique follows suit, making all attacks deal anywhere between 1% and 200-300% (depending on item roll) of their normal damage.

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That sounds pretty nasty, but can give more DPS when you run the math. Under the ideal circumstances and the god roll of these gloves (which is when you should be using them anyway), the Fists of Fate will increase your damage 66% of the time. That’s a healthy buff, provided that value below 100% doesn’t strike 10 times in a row. It’s a true gambler’s piece of gear, so use it only if you trust your RNG. Regardless, the math says you should do just fine.

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