This article covers how to get Rucker to come in peacefully in Deus Ex: Mankind Divide. If you’re trying to beat the game in a non-lethal playthrough, you’re going to have a lot of fun figuring out the different ways that you need to interact with certain characters to bring them in peacefully. One such character is ARC leader, Talos Rucker. In this guide we will teach you exactly what responses you need to choose to win the debate he poses, which will then allow you to bring him in peacefully.

Make Your Way Through Golem City

The first step to completing this interaction is to make your way through Golem City and into ARC Headquarters. It’s a bit of a trek, with quite a bit of sneaking involved, so make sure to pack plenty of Biocells and your Glass Shield Cloaking aug. Once you’ve made your way inside the ARC hideout, continue through the base until you come to Rucker’s office. This will trigger a cutscene that will end in one of the series’ iconic boss conversations. In order to bring Talos Rucker in peacefully you will need to win a debate, and convince him to go ahead and come in with Jensen right now.

Win the Debate

During the first part of the conversation, listen carefully and wait for the dialogue options to appear. Then choose the Turn Tables response. This will spawn additional lines from Rucker. Wait it out and then choose the Patronize response option. Rucker will show a bit of disbelief at Jensen’s outright response, and then pose another question. Now you will need to choose the Justify response, which will lead to one final decision option. Choosing Turn Tables will convince Talos Rucker to come in peacefully with Jensen that day, versus the impending violence of an entire headquarters of enemies reigning down on you.

With the conversation completed, a new cutscene will begin. We won’t spoil it here, but be sure to pay close attention as it will introduce one of the many plot twists that the game features, as well as open up many new questions for Jensen to open. Just to be sure you have all the information you need, we’re going to list off all the responses in the appropriate order below for ease of use:

  • Response1: Turn Tables
  • Response 2: Patronize
  • Response 3: Justify
  • Response 4: Turn Tables

Now that you know how to convince Rucker to come in peacefully, it’s time to continue the main story in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. You can find more information about the game, including full mission walkthroughs, augmentation breakdowns, and more in the official Prima Games strategy guide.