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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Hacking Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The hacking mini-game in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided lets Adam Jensen break into laptops, terminals, and security systems, and this article covers some of the best ways to learn how to hack and general hacking tips. While there are a number of augmentations devoted solely to helping Jensen become better at breaking into computers, knowing the basics of the hacking system can make or break your endeavors throughout the game. This guide will teach you all the basics of hacking so you don’t have to worry about running into any stone walls.

The Basics

You hack into laptops and terminals by interacting with them and selecting the hack option. While you can break into some things using passwords, you won’t always have the password readily available, and you’ll need to know how to hack items to unlock the information they hold inside. When you choose to hack some, the mini-game is started and you’ll be presented with a screen that included multiple nodes, all connected with lines. One node will be a dark green, this is your goal. A second node will be dark red. This is the computer AI. Your objective when hacking is to take control of nodes and reach the end point without letting the computer’s AI trace the hack back to you.

You can also complete hacks by taking out the red security nodes that make up the computer’s AI system. This means you’ll want to pay attention to each and every grid layout you come across when hacking, and then act accordingly. One way to make it harder for the AI to trace your hack, is to fortify the nodes that you capture, making them take longer for the security program to capture and move past.

Software and Node Capture

Whenever you fail to capture a node stealthily, the terminal or laptops security AI is notified of your hack, and a trace attack is started. This places a timer on your hack, and you’ll want to move as quickly as possible to ensure you complete your hack before the security AI traces its way back to you. Failing to complete your hack before being completely traced will result in the item you are trying to hack being locked out. The lock remains in place for thirty to sixty seconds of real time. Once the lock has been removed you can re-attempt to hack the terminal or laptop again. Sometimes it might take multiple attempts to make it through a hack successfully. Don’t stress it. Just capture nodes carefully and try to remember to fortify them so that you can’t be traced as quickly.

Hacking doesn’t rely solely on your skills, however, as there are multiple pieces of software available to find and purchase throughout the world of Deus Ex. Some of this software can help capture nodes, while others can stop traces for a short time. We’ve included a full list of the different software below:

  • Stop Worm: Halts the security program’s trace for five seconds.
  • Nuke: Instantly captures a node for you, regardless of level. Automatically starts a trace due to brute force hacking.
  • Overclock: Speeds up all your hacking actions.
  • Stealth Software: Bypasses all firewalls and prevents the security program from detection one node capture.
  • Reveal Software: Removes the fog of war feature that covers several higher level networks, allowing you to see all of the available nodes that you can hack.
  • Datascan: Reveals all the Datastores available on the current network.

Each piece of software is a single-use item, meaning you’ll want to make sure you aren’t wasting them on easy to capture networks. Datascan and Reveal are both extremely useful for pre-hack recon, as they allow you to see what you’re up again when dealing with higher level networks. Nuke, Stop Worm, and Overclock are great software for moments of desperation, as they all instigate some form of brute force that helps you push through tough to hack networks with ease. The final piece of software, Stealth Software, is great for use when you’re afraid the capture might trigger an alert.

Learn the Keybinds

As you continue through the game, and networks become harder to hack, you’re going to want to start capturing multiple nodes quickly. This means learning the game’s chosen fast keybinds for hacking is very important. These keybinds can be discovered by selecting a node and looking at the icon beneath each command. Once you’ve learned the keybinds, your hacking skills will improve greatly, allowing you to capture higher leveled networks much more easily.

These are the basic things you need to know about hacking in the Deus Ex universe. Some networks you come across will be tough, and you’ll find yourself having to complete them multiple times. Don’t stress. Take your time and use the tips we’ve offered above to help you get over those humps and through the crowd of security AI trying to block your way. No terminal or laptop is impossible to break, we promise. Also, this should go without saying, but make sure Jensen is positioned carefully when going in for a hack. Time doesn’t stand still while you’re completing the hacking mini-game, which means patrolling guards, curious onlookers, and other civilians can easily spot you and alert the local security guards to your presence.

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