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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Best Augmentations

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers some of the best augmentations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The latest game in the series takes place two years after the events of Human Revolution. A lot has changed about the world since then, and augmented humans are looked down upon quite heavily by the rest of humanity. That hasn’t stopped Adam Jensen from doing his job, though. Now joined up with an Interpol task force, Jensen uses his augmented powers to dive deep beneath the conspiracies that make up his world. If you want to ready for all the enemies that Jensen has coming his way, you’re going to want to know how to choose the best augmentations for your playstyle.

Finding Your Playstyle

The first step to getting Jensen’s augmentations set up correctly is to find the playstyle that fits you best. Are you more of a stealth player? Or a run and gun player? Do you prefer to reason with enemies? Or gun them down in cold blood? While these questions might seem silly to ask in a strategy guide, they are the key ways you’re going to be able to determine which augmentations work for you.

Once you have a fairly clear idea of what kind of playstyle you have, it’s time to start building your augmentation list. Take a look at the upgrade screen, and read each description that is provided for each augmentation. We’ve included a few augmentations to help you get your list started.

Run and Gun

Players who enjoy a more standard FPS experience will be looking for more offensive augmentations. For this particular playstyle we’d suggest unlocking Smart Vision, as it will allow you to check for enemies quite easily. We also suggest grabbing the single upgrade available for the Retinal Prosthesis, as it improves the HUD and adds a flash resistance to your eyes. We also recommend upgrade the Wayfinder Radar System, since it allows you to see where enemies are looking, and helps you plan attacks accordingly. The other most important augmentation to invest in is the Sentinel RX Health System. This line-up of augmentations gives you better health recharge, a higher health point count, and more. The Rhino Dermal Armor is also very important for combat playstyles as it makes it tougher for enemies to damage you.


If you prefer to move within the shadows, some good augmentations to keep in mind include the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter. You’re going to need this no matter what playstyle you use, but it is exceptionally helpful for stealth players because it will allow you to make more use of Smart Vision (which you’ll also want), and the Glass-Shield Cloaking augmentation. Together these three augmentations help to form a pillar for stealth players that will allow them to up their game and stay ahead of their enemies.

These aren’t the only augmentations you should consider, as we haven’t even touched on the new experimental upgrades available shortly after the start of the game. But, no matter what you decide to go with down the line, these augmentations we have listed here are a great start to building up a professional ability line-up, no matter what playstyle you prefer.

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