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Deus Ex – How to Get Disabled Augmentations

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to get disables augmentations back in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. One of the biggest new features in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the addition of experimental augmentations. These brand new upgrades can be unlocked like normal augmentations, by using Praxis Points. Activating one of these new augmentations will require you to disable an older one, however, as it will “overclock” your system, and hit you with additional health loss if you try to make your way through the game while in the red.

Once you’ve disabled an augmentation, you won’t be able to re-enable it unless you complete a certain group of side quests. This guide will help you make your way through the questline, allowing you to reactivate all your augmentations.

Get the Calibrator

This side quest appears right after your first meeting with Koller about Jensen’s augmentation lineup. He’ll explain the process of overclocking to you, as well as the existence of your new upgrades, and then offer some additional advice by saying that he might be able to fix your systems up so that you don’t have to worry about them overclocking. This will trigger the quest, which you can track from your objective tab in your suit interface.

You can only trigger this mission during your first visit to Prague, which means you’ll want to go ahead and get it taken care of before you head to Golem City.

Once you have obtained the quest, track it, and then take the subway system over to Palisade Station. You’ll then need to follow the marker on your HUD until you find the man cover that leads into the city’s underground section. This is where you will find Otar Botkoveli, the man who currently has the Calibrator that you need to get for Koller.

You have two options for approaching this quest. You can either convince Otar to give you the Calibrator, or you can steal it from his casino. The latter takes the most work, as you’ll have to use your stealth and combat skills to infiltrate the restricted area.

If you choose to convince Otar, just head into the casino and talk to him. This will trigger a cutscene, which will open up some dialogue options. To successfully convince Otar to give you the item choose the following answers in your conversation:

  • Answer 1: Straight Talk
  • Answer 2: Straight Talk
  • Answer 3: Dodge

This will bring the conversation to a close and Otar will offer the Calibrator up in return for a favor later on. You also score quite a bit of experience from this direct line of approach, which can make earning Praxis Points easier in the game’s early hours.

If you choose to the more combative approach, you’ll need to simply sneak into the casino, take down anyone in your way, and steal the Calibrator before escaping back into the city.

Once you have the Calibrator the quest will complete and you’ll be forced to wait until you return to Prague for the second time before you can continue the questline and speak to Koller again.

Get Fixed Up

Upon returning to Prague for your second visit, Koller will once more contact you and ask you to come back his lab. Track the quest via your quest tab and then make your way to the sewer entrance that leads back to Koller’s hidden lab. This quest will not appear until after you have completed one of the following quests: Confronting the Bomb-Maker or The Heist. You’ll also need to have the Calibrator on hand. If for some reason you didn’t complete The Calibrator quest in your first visit to Prague, you can grab another Calibrator from the vault during The Heist quest.

Make your way down to Koller’s lab and chat with the augmentation expert. His conversation cues will change based on the way you handled Otar throughout the game, and after chatting with him for a few moments, he will reactivate all your augmentations, re-enabling all the upgrades that you had to disable along the way. You’ll still need to purchase the upgrades using Praxis Points, however, your system won’t have overclock limits anymore, allowing you to effectively become the strongest mechanically augmented human on the planet.

Once you’ve removed the overclock feature from the game, it is time to make the most of the new augmentations at your disposal. We’re especially fond of the Nanoblade, and have found it to be one of the most useful augs out there.

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