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Detroit: Become Human – Stormy Night 100% Completion

Find out how to get 100 percent completion in the Stormy Night chapter of Detroit: Become Human, and get all of its endings.
This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

Stormy Night is one of the first big chapters of Detroit: Become Human and takes a bit more effort if you want to get 100% completion on Stormy Night. This chapter is the door that opens up the rest of the game and many of the choices that you make during this chapter will be paramount to how you continue throughout the rest of the game with Kara and Alice. This Stormy Night walkthrough will show you how to get 100% complete in Stormy Night for Detroit: Become Human, including all the optional paths and endings.

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Spoiler alert – Heavy spoilers for Stormy Night follow in this chapter. Please turn away now if you would like to complete the level without any kind of spoilers first.

Stormy Night – Get 100% Completion

Getting 100% completion in Stormy Night is going to require a few different replays and quite a bit of patience. Some of the endings here require you to simply fail in other areas, so we’ll outline all of that in the next section. For now, let’s focus on the various options and markers you’ll want to grab in Stormy Night.

After dinner goes awry, things start to get interesting.

Todd Gets Angry

Kara Fails to Become Deviant

Don’t move after Todd tells you to and just wait. Continuing waiting and the end of the chapter will come, giving you the Todd Kills Alice ending.

Kara is Too Slow

If you wait until after Todd goes upstairs and then become Deviant, just sit around and wait. You’ll unlock this marker afterword and get the Todd Kills Alice ending.

Break Programming/Kara Becomes Deviant

When told not to move, push forward on the controller and complete the QTE sequence to break Kara’s programming and become Deviant.

From here you have two options:

Reason with Todd/Todd Shoves Kara Downstairs/Todd Goes upstairs

After breaking programming, head over to the living room and try to speak with Todd about Alice. He’ll get angry and push Kara before he goes upstairs.

Kara is in Todd’s Way Downstairs/Todd Shoves Kara Downstairs/Todd Goes Upstairs

Stand at the bottom of the stairs after you break programming and wait for Todd to try to go up them. You’ll be in his way and he’ll get mad and shove Kara out of the way before going upstairs to deal with Alice.

Go Upstairs

After breaking programming and becoming Deviant, head up the stairs.

Kara is in Todd’s Way Upstairs/Todd Shoves Kara Upstairs

Wait in Todd’s way upstairs and he’ll show Kara out of the way and then go deal with Alice.

Take Gun

Requires you to have found the gun in A New Home. Take the gun and Todd will walk up the hall to Alice’s room.

Get to Alice Before Todd

If you head upstairs and get to Alice before Todd, you’ll have a completely different setup of options you can take.

Run Away/Fail to hide/Todd Takes Alice to Her Room

If you choose to run away when talking to Alice in her room, head out into the corridor and hide in one of the rooms. Don’t press the buttons in the QTE sequence, and Todd will catch Kara and Alice. He’ll strike Kara and take Alice back to her room.

Run Away/Hide in Corridor/Todd Realizes Kara and Alice are Gone

Choose the run away option and you’ll be able to hide in the corridor. Hide in one of the rooms, complete the QTE sequence successfully, and then Todd will realize you are missing. This allows you to try to escape, giving you a chance to get the Kara and Alice Evaded Todd, Todd Broke Kara Downstairs, Kara and Alice Fought Their Way Out, and Todd Broke Kara Outside endings.

Todd is Coming/Out of Time/ Todd Breaks into Bedroom

Get to Alice’s room and don’t find a way to defend yourself until after Todd breaks into the bedroom. This will move you to the Defend Alice path, which will give you a few ways to escape.

Lock Door

You also have the option of locking the bedroom door, which will buy you a little more time. From here you can do three different things.

Grab Lamp

Results in Todd breaking into the room and you having to defend Alice.

Talk to Alice

Results in Todd breaking into the room and you having to defend Alice.

Open Window

This option only triggers if you ventilated the window in A New Home and took note of the way out. This leads to its own little set of options.

Face Todd/Go Out

When escaping via the window, you can choose to either face Todd or go out the window after Alice. Choosing to face Todd will trigger Defend Alice. Choose to go out will trigger a QTE sequence, which will give you two more options.

Fail to Escape by Window/Escape by Window

Fail to escape via the window by failing the QTE sequence, or successfully complete the QTE sequence and escape via the window. This will allow you to Run to the Bus, and then Catch the Bus or Miss the Bus. Missing the bus will trigger Todd Broke Kara Outside, catching the bus will trigger Kara and Alice Evaded Todd.

Get to Alice After Todd

If you don’t get to Alice until after Todd does, you can choose to use the gun that you found in Todd’s room. This will allow you to complete the following prompts

Defend Alice

You must fight against Todd to defend Alice.

Kara Kills Todd

Complete the fight with the gun and shoot Todd.

Alice kills Todd

Fail the fight with the gun and Alice will shoot Todd.

Stun Todd

Complete the fight without the gun and you will stun Todd.

The rest of the path options in this chapter are all related to endings, so let’s go ahead and dive into how to get all the endings in this chapter now.

Stormy Night – How to Get All Endings

There are a total of nine endings that players can obtain in Stormy Night. Each one will have its own recourse for the story.

Kara Shot Todd

This ending can be achieved by getting the gun from Todd’s room and then using it at the end of the fight to kill him. This will also bring the gun along with Kara and Alice to the next chapter they are included in, allowing you some additional options along the way.

Alice Shot Todd

If you fail the fight after using the gun to Defend Alice, Todd will straddle Kara and start to beat her senseless, trigger this ending where Alice shoots and kills her father.

Todd Broke Kara in the Corridor

If you allow Todd to catch Alice and Kara in the corridor while trying to run away, Todd will break Kara and kill Alice.

Kara and Alice Evaded Todd

Outrun Todd completely and make it to the bus after hiding in the corridor to trigger this ending.

Todd Broke Kara Downstairs

Lose the fight between Todd and Kara downstairs at any point to trigger this ending.

Kara and Alice Fought Their Way Out

Win the fight upstairs, escape the corridor, and make it out of the house and onto the bus to score this ending.

Todd Broke Kara Outside

Miss the bus on any path to trigger this ending.

Todd Kills Alice

Stand around and do nothing when you have the chance to become deviant and you’ll trigger this ending for Alice and Kara’s story.

Remember that every choice you make in some chapters can affect others, and the ending that you choose here will dictate the options you have in later chapters. For now, though, you can continue on to the next chapter, Broken, to see how to 100% it. Or return to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more 100% completion guides.

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