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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in Shades of Color

by Josh Hawkins

During the second big chapter of Detroit: Become Human, Shades of Color, players are introduced to Markus, one of the three main characters that they’ll play as. It’s fairly easy to get 100% completion in Shades of Color, but you can never be too careful. In this article we’ll outline everything you need to know below in a quick and easy format to get 100% completion in Shades of Color for Detroit: Become Human.

Spoiler warning – The following walkthrough contains heavy spoilers for the second main chapter of Detroit: Become Human. Do not continuing reading if you want to experience things naturally and without any kind of spoilers.

Shades of Color – 100% Completion

If you want to enjoy all of the option items and conversations in this chapter, here’s how to trigger them. The good news is, you’ll only need to complete this level once, as everything can be triggered during that one playthrough.

Read Secret of Androids/Climate Change-Up

Look for this magazine and its articles on the bench to the right when the chapter first starts.

Listen to Busker

Pay attention to the guy playing guitar in front of the fountain.

Stare at Hot Dog Vendor

Stop in front of the hot dog cart and just stare at the vendor.

Hot Dog Vendor Pushes Markus

If you continue to stare at the hot dog vendor after he tells you to bug off, he’ll push you.

Watch Preacher

Look for the preacher off to the right. Listen to him preach for a few moments.

Preacher Yells at Markus

Continue to watch the preacher and he will yell at Markus.

Protestors Harass Markus

Move to the right after picking up the paints and you’ll run into the protesters in the square.

All you need outside of these things is complete the chapter like normal. This will allow you to completely 100% the chapter and complete it as much as you can. Continue on to the next chapter with our guide on how to 100% complete A New Home. Or you can head back over to our Detroit: Become Human guide for more strategy-based content surrounding Quantic Dream’s latest adventure.

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