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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in On the Run

by Josh Hawkins

On the Run swaps between both Connor and Kara and Alice as the chapter unfolds. This chapter has quite a few pieces that are dependent on the things you did in previous chapters, so you’ll need to do a bit of extra work in order to 100% complete On the Run.

On the Run – 100% Complete

We’re still working on working out all the kinks for our flowchart in this particular chapter, but we’ll be sure to update it with more information as we discover it. That being said, here’s everything that we have unlocked so far, which will help you get closer to 100% completing this chapter.

First, there’s a lot to take in here. This chapter has three separate beginnings, each of which is determined based on the ending you had in Fugitives. That being said, you’ll need to replay through Fugitives and unlock each ending there, then continue through to this chapter to start at the different areas. Due to the complexity of this chapter, we’ll be focusing on the three main branches—all of which connect at a certain point.

Each branch of this chapter has several different markers that you’ll need to hit, though the variations will all play out about the same. There’s a magazine in each location, so make sure that you’re reading it before you progress too far.

You’ll also need to change your hair and find some clothes to change into—unless you’re in the motel, as you’ll already have civilian clothes on. Do this and be sure to complete the process in order to unlock these markers.

Now, as you continue through this chapter, there are a ton of different choices that you’ll need to make—many of which will change the outcome of the chapter’s ending. When Connor gives chase to the androids, for example, you can choose to disobey Hank’s order, or obey it. You’ll need to do both to complete the flowchart, so make sure you are prepared for quite a few playthroughs of this level. Each choice that you have often has a secondary choice to it in this particular chapter, so keep that in mind as you play through it.

On the Run – All Endings

There are quite a few different endings that can be unlocked in this chapter, and we’ve broken them all down below.

Kara and Alice Undiscovered in Squad

To unlock this ending, you’ll need to enter the Squat as Connor and look around. Take your time, though, and do not look under the stairs. After several minutes, Hank will enter the Squat and call off the investigation, as you’ve failed to find any clues to the Deviant’s whereabouts. This will end the chapter with Kara and Alice getting on the train and escaping.

Kara and Alice Vanished

To unlock this ending, do not run after Kara and Alice when they are spotted trying to escape down the street. After a few moments, Hank will run up beside Connor and he will call off the investigation, as Connor failed to catch the fugitives. This will end with Kara and Alice making it to the train station and escaping via train.

Kara and Alice Crossed the Highway

Chase after Kara and Alice and make sure they survive the quick time events to make it to the other side. This will allow them to escape and outrun Connor.

Kara and Alice Died on the Highway

Allow Kara and Alice to be killed on the highway by failing the QTE sequences that you must complete in order to cross. This will bring their story to a close, so you won’t see them for the rest of the game.

Now that you know all the endings for On the Run, and have a good idea of how to unlock all the markers on the flowchart, head to the next chapter, Jericho  or continue over to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more helpful information.

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