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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in The Nest

by Josh Hawkins

The Nest—like many of Connor’s levels in Detroit—is more complicated than previous chapters we’ve covered, making 100% completion on The Nest difficult. There are a few different endings to this chapter that you will need to unlock in order to get 100% completion on The Nest. You’ll also need to spend plenty of time investigating the scene, and make sure you analyze everything and talk to Hank.

The Nest – 100% Completion

While this chapter is more complex than others, most of the items that you will find in The Nest are all part of the main storyline here. There are a few magazines that you will need to keep an eye out for along the way, so make sure you’re looking around and checking out every corner of the scene.

Make sure you don’t waste too much time around the apartment, though, as doing so will cause you to fail the chapter, and end with one of the worse endings for the chapter. This can easily be avoided, though, by simply finding the clues and talking with Hank before time runs out.

On top of the analyzing and talking, you’ll also need to worry about some chases in this chapter. These chases include some very vital choices, which can change your relationship with Hank and effect the outcome of future chapters.

The Nest – All Endings

There are a series of different endings that you can acquire in The Nest and we’ve outlined them all below.

Rupert Not Found

If you spend too much time looking around the apartment, Hank will call off the search and you’ll be forced to leave the scene. This is one of the worse endings you can get for the chapter, and it results in you never really learning much about this particular Deviant.

Rupert Committed Suicide

If you give chase and choose to ignore Hank when he is thrown off the building, Connor will eventually catch up to the Deviant, who will commit suicide by jumping off the building. This not only leads to the android being dead, but it also leads to some pretty rough relationship issues with Hank in later chapters.

Connor Died Chase Rupert

When chasing after Rupert, players have the chance to fall to their death when jumping through the window of the building. If you take the fast but risky approach, and fail to make the jump, Connor will perish.

Rupert Got Away

You can unlock this ending if players choose to save Hank when Rupert knocks him off the building. Hank will appreciate the effort and it will wait his relationship with Connor. Unfortunately, Connor is unable to catch Rupert and he gets away.

Now that you know how to 100% this chapter, be sure to continue on to Time to Decide, or head back over to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more strategy-focused content.

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