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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in The Hostage

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to 100% all chapters such as The Hostage in Detroit: Become Human, then you’re going to need to be ready to invest some time. Many chapters, including The Hostage, will require multiple playthroughs to unlock all of the optional paths and items, so make sure you know what you’re diving into. In this article we’ll show you how to 100% The Hostage, the first chapter in Detroit: Become Human.

Spoiler Warning – The following walkthrough contains heavy spoilers for Chapter 1 of Detroit: Become Human. We strongly suggest experiencing the game for yourself and then returning once you have completed your first playthrough. Do not continue reading if you do not want key moments spoiled for you.

The Hostage – 100% Completion

Like many of the levels in Detroit: Become Human, getting to 100% completion in The Hostage is going to require you to replay the mission several times. If you follow the guide that we’ve outlined above, all you will need to do to complete the other endings is load into the checkpoint where you go outside. Once you do this, you can trigger the individual endings.

Search for Clues

During the first sequence of the chapter, complete the tasks outlined below.

Save Fish/Leave Fish

At the start of the level, there is a small fish flopping around to the left. You must choose to save or leave it.

Investigate Father’s Body

Investigating the father’s body will allow you to find a tablet.

Learn Cause of the Incident

If you investigate the father’s body, and look at the tablet you find, you can complete this task.

Learn the Deviant’s Name

Listen to the video on the daughter’s tablet in the hostage’s bedroom.

Investigate Gun Case

Reconstruct the scene of the crime at the gun case in the master bedroom.

Investigate Cop’s Body

Halfway to the balcony door, there is a DPD officer’s body. Investigate it to find a gun under the table.

Take Cop’s Gun/Leave Cop’s Gun

Complete this chapter once by taking the cop’s gun and once by leaving it.

Swat Injured

Take too long in the clue gathering process and a swat member will be injured.

Wasted Too Much Time

If you lollygag around, the Deviant will grow anxious and shoot into the apartment.

Negotiate with Deviant

Head outside and begin negotiations with the Deviant. There are a few branches you complete here.

Friendly Approach/Cold Approach

Begin negotiations using the Deviant’s name and without using it.

Save Wounded Cop/Leave Wound Cop

Look for the cop to the left, along the railing. You can interact with him and choose to save him or ignore him. Do both.

Be Honest About Gun/Lie About Gun

When you have the Officer’s gun from under the table, lie or be honest with the Deviant.

Fail to Negotiate

Pretty straightforward. Just mess up the negotiations to grab this marker.

Refuse to Dismiss Helicopter/Dismiss Helicopter

When the Deviant asks you to send the chopper away, do it once and then have it stay the next time.

Get Close Enough

Simply walk until you can’t walk towards the Deviant until you can’t walk anymore.

Now that you know the main tasks you need to complete, the remaining tasks are all tied to various endings. We’ve outlined how to complete each of the endings below, so please take a look at that to learn how to continue.

How to Unlock All Endings in The Hostage

This chapter also has multiple endings that you can unlock. We’ve broken down each ending below, which should make it easy for you to acquire them all.

Connor Failed to Reach Deviant in Time

To acquire this ending all you will need to do is make sure the Deviant decides to jump with Emma. When this happens, don’t press any of the quicktime buttons that pop up. This will cause both Daniel and Emma to fall to their deaths and Connor will have failed his first mission.

Connor Leapt for Emma and Fell

In order to complete this ending, get Daniel to fall off of the building. When he does this, a quicktime event will trigger and you’ll need to slam down on X as quickly as you can. If you manage to do it quickly enough and enough times, Connor will grab Emma, push her to safety and propel himself and Daniel off of the building to their deaths.

Connor Died Protecting Emma

During conversations with Daniel, wait until you get the option to “Sacrifice Yourself’. Doing this will cause Connor to run forward, push his way between Daniel and Emma, causing Daniel to shoot Connor in the back several times. The hostage will be saved but Connor will perish.

Deviant Shot Connor

When investigating inside the apartment, make sure to pick up the DPD officer’s gun and tuck it behind your back. Then, when dealing with the Deviant, lie and say that you are not armed. When he asks for you to have the helicopter leave, refuse and then choose to pull the gun. You’ll then have an option to Intimidate or Shoot. Choose to intimidate him, and this will lead to Daniel shooting Connor in the head, then falling off of the building with Emma—killing all three of them.

Connor Shot Deviant

Follow the same instructions we just gave in Deviant Shot Connor, but this time choose to Shoot instead of Intimidate. This will cause Connor to shoot the Deviant android, killing it and saving the hostage.

Snipers Shot Deviant

We’ve already outlined how to achieve this ending in the optimal path portion of our guide above. Refer to the instructions above to learn how to unlock this ending.

Now that you know how to 100% complete The Hostage and unlock all of the mission’s endings, continue on to our guide on how to 100% complete Shades of Color or head back over to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more strategy-based content.

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