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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in From the Dead

by Josh Hawkins

There’s only one ending for you to grab in the From the Dead chapter in Detroit: Become Human. However, you will need to replay the chapter more than once in order to achieve all of the options on the Flowchart and get 100% completion for From the Dead. Most things here are pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t expect much opposition in the way of things as you earn 100% completion in From the Dead.

From the Dead – 100% Completion

As we said above, earning 100% completion in this chapter shouldn’t take you too long. There are a few things you need to be aware of along the way, though. As you complete this chapter, keep in mind that each of the choices you are given has a counter-choice to it that you’ll need to complete in order to unlock all of the flowchart.

The main goal in this chapter is to get Markus back up to 100% running power. To do this, you will need to find an Optical Unit, Audio Processor, and a core regulator. There are several different androids you can find these items within, and you’ll need to look around and find them in specific androids to complete certain parts of the flowchart.

Find Optical Unit / Crane Dumps Bodies / Dig Yourself Out

Look for the optical unit in an Android hanging out of the wall of the junkyard. Interacting with this android will give you the Optical Unit, but also trigger a series of two markers on the flowchart, which causes a crane to drop a pile of bodies on Markus. Dig yourself out of the bodies, and you’ll earn these two markers on the flowchart.

Find Audio Processor / Find Regulator

From here, scan the bodies around the junkyard and look for the other pieces that you need to complete Markus’ rebuild. Thoroughly explore the junkyard and you shouldn’t have any real issues getting all of the markers on the flowchart. Once you have complete the different options in the junkyard, and have completely rebuild Markus, make the climb up the slope to bring this chapter to a close.

Now that you know how to 100% From the Dead, be sure to continue on to the next chapter of our walkthrough, Waiting for Hank, or return to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more strategy based content and 100% completion guides.

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