How to Find All Hide-and-Seek Cleffa in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns

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When exploring the Southern Ruins in The Fabled Aurora in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll come across a Cleffa with a Local Concern. She needs help tracking down her three friends who are playing hide-and-seek. Here’s where to find the three Cleffa in the Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu 2.


This guide contains spoilers for The Fabled Aurora case in Detective Pikachu Returns. Continue reading at your own risk.

All 3 Cleffa Locations in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu 2

Before you start looking for the Cleffa, note that you can’t finish the Local Concern until you’ve progressed the story to the point where you’ve entered the ruins and unlocked Galarian Darmanitan as a mount for Pikachu.

Cleffa Location #1

For the first Cleffa, head through the archway to the right of the Cleffa who gave you the Local Concern and go up the dirt hill. Once you reach the ruin door, turn left and continue along the path. You’ll come to a Berry tree with a Passimian standing next to it.

Look to the right of the tree to find a Cleffa standing next to it. Interact with the Pokemon, and it will admit hide-and-seek defeat and return to its friend.

Cleffa Location #2

The second Cleffa is also found outside of the ruins. From the Cleffa looking for its friends, go right past some Berry trees until you reach a group of three Lotad in front of an icy pond.

Cleffa is to the right of the pond. Speak with it, and it will return to its friend.

Cleffa Location #3

For the third and final Cleffa, you’ll need to have unlocked the Galarian Darmanitan mount inside the Southern Ruins. Get onto its back as Pikachu and exit the ruins completely.

Go south down the dirt hill, make a right, and then go down another dirt hill to where Leavanny is standing. Turn left here and continue to the man who’s looking for fossils with his partner Pokemon. Next to him, you’ll see a cluster of rocks that you can smash with Galarian Darmanitan.

Break the rocks by pressing R, and you’ll find the final Cleffa. Like with the other two, talk to it, and it will return to its friend. Go back to the original Cleffa to complete the Local Concern.

Do You Get a Reward for Finding Every Cleffa in Detective Pikachu Returns?

You don’t get a reward for finding all of the Cleffa playing hide-and-seek. Not unless you count the emotional satisfaction of knowing you helped a Pokemon in need, then you’re a winner.

This isn’t the only Local Concern in the Southern Ruins in The Fabled Aurora Case. There’s also a Leavanny that needs help finding its Swadloon children in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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