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Destiny: The Taken King – How to Find Oryx’s Basketball Court, King’s Fall Raid

by Prima Games Staff

Guardians enjoy playing soccer at the Tower, and apparently members of the Hive kick back for some basketball when they need a break from terrorizing the galaxy. At least this seems to be the case after Destiny players found a secret room while on the King’s Fall Raid in The Taken King expansion. While not as thrilling as an NBA 2K16 overtime game, it’s a cool secret room to check out.

When you enter this secret room, you’ll be able to dunk a Relic into a statue located in the middle of the area; lift vents send you flying in the air so you can pull off the slam. When you hit the statue with the Relic, symbols on some stone tablets light up. Illuminate them all and your Guardian will get an Overcharge buff, increasing his or her speed for roughly 20 seconds. 

Unfortunately this is all we know for the time being. It is literally Hive basketball, and Bungie’s Luke Smith mentioned this as being little more than a Destiny Easter egg, otherwise known as Oryx’s Basketball Court. You won’t find chests, loot or Calcified Fragments. For now, we’ll tell you how to get there. 

Find Oryx’s Basketball Court in Destiny

Since you must be on the King’s Fall Raid to enter this room, make sure you assemble a good fire team. Also, keep in mind the steps to reaching this place are unconfirmed, but they worked for some people.

After jumping into the King’s Fall Raid, kill the Warpriest and Golgoroth. From there, proceed until you encounter a jumping puzzle with pistons appearing from the walls. If you look across the gap you will see a bunch of spikes with glowing blue cores sticking out of the walls. Below these spikes are some more, but they don’t glow. Turns out you can jump to and then stand on the latter spikes. 

Walk up to the glowing spikes and they turn from blue to orange. You need to approach each spike in order to activate them all, and this must be done in specific order. Thus far, we’ve heard of two sequences that work, 416523 and 165243. If one does not work, try the other. 

When you enter the correct sequence and activate the glowing spikes, a piston will move near the entrance. The basketball court is across from this entrance. Jump on top of the piston that just moved and use your Bladedancer Super Ability to navigate across the chasm as the piston fires.  Conversely, you’re able to leap up the wall until you’re on top of a wire across from this area. Now use your Bladedancer ability to basically do the same thing. When one person gains access to the room, a series of rocky platforms appear, which lets the rest of the fire team push forward.

There you have it, Oryx’s Basketball Court! This place seems too fancy to be a mere Easter egg, but if something about it changes, we’ll update this feature. If you prefer to watch the steps to find this place, check out the video below from YouTube user My name is Byf

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