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Destiny: The Taken King – Gunslinger, Bladedancer and Nightstalker Subclass Quests

by Bryan Dawson

Destiny: The Taken King features new subclasses for the three class types. In this article we’ll show you how to complete the Hunter subclass quest to earn unique rewards. In addition to the details of the rewards, we’ll walk you through the completion of each portion of the quest. 

We’ve also heard that you should wait until September 15, 2015 before you complete these quests. While we can’t confirm this, reports indicate that you may not earn the proper reward drops if you complete the quests before that date. 

Path of the Bladedancer Quest 

Visit Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower in order to begin this quest. You are required to perform several tasks. After each task is completed you must return to Cayde-6 to get information on your next objective. 

Slay Enemies: As the quest begins you are tasked with defeating 50 enemies using the Arc Blade, grenade or melee attack. While you can certainly focus on grinding this out, it’s much easier to just play the game and allow this task to be completed naturally. If you opt for the grinding option, spawn into the patrol option on Earth and take on the enemies that appear around the Steppes. 

Create Orbs of Light: Your next task is to create 25 Orbs using the Arc Blade. Similar to the first task, you can allow this task to be completed as you play through the game with the Bladedancer subclass. However, if you wish to complete this task as quickly as possible, pick up a couple friends and go on patrol. You can start feeding off the Orbs of Light each player creates and then chain your super abilities to complete the task as quickly as possible.

Complete the Path: You need to unlock every option in the Bladedancer subclass. While most people have already done this, if you haven’t this will take a considerable amount of time. You can check out our article on how to earn XP in Destiny: The Taken King to help you get through this process a little faster.

Cayde’s Challenge: As arguably one of the hardest challenges, player must complete a Strike with the Arc Blade, killing 15 enemies with at least 3 Major enemies in the tally. While it may not be difficult, focus on Strikes that include the hordes of Thrall for easier Bladedancer kills. Communicate with your Fireteam so they can assist with taking out three Major enemies. Let them inflicts a bulk of the damage so you can finish them off and score the kill. The Devil’s Lair is a good choice here. 

Reward: The Bladedancer’s Cloak is your hard-earned reward for completing this quest. While it looks pretty cool, that also means 90 percent of the player base will be rocking this gear. If you don’t want to look like everyone else, consider putting it away until it becomes less popular. 

Path of the Gunslinger Quest

The Path of the Gunslinger quest can be started by speaking with Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower. Make sure you’re on the Gunslinger subclass in order to accept the quest. There will be several tasks involved in the task, and you’ll need to speak with Cayde-6 at the completion of each task.

Slay Enemies: This task requires you to finish off 50 enemies with the Golden Gun, grenade or melee attack. It’s recommended that you ignore the Golden Gun aspect of this task and instead run around the Steppes at Earth tossing your grenade and using melee attacks when it regenerates. Don’t focus on the Golden Gun, but if you get it, feel free to blast three players. Of course, if you have the patience you can just play the game like normal and allow all of the kills to happen naturally.

Create Orbs of Light: You are now tasked with creating 25 Orbs with the assistance of your Golden Gun. This isn’t going to be an easy task, as you can really only earn three kills with the Golden Gun. To add insult to injury, these kills won’t even guarantee an Orb generation. Focus on the tougher enemies such as Majors or other foes that have a yellow bar. This focus will increases your chances at scoring an Orb so you and your Fireteam and gain supers as quickly as possible. 

Complete the Path: In order to finish the path, you must upgrade the Gunslinger subclass in full. If you already have this task completed, Cayde will place you on the last portion of the quest. If you haven’t done this, it will take some time to complete. Your best bet is to earn XP in any way possible, including left over story missions and daily bounties for the Crucible and Vanguard. 

Cayde’s Challenge: This task may sound difficult, but it’s still easier than the Bladedancer equivalent. You must complete a Strike with the Golden Gun, killing 15 enemies with at least 3 of them being Major enemies. You’ll need a Fireteam with people who can offer support, because with a typical Golden Gun setup you’ll need to super five times throughout the Strike. Have the Fireteam attack the enemies, but leave the kills to you. If you’ve got random players on your Fireteam, it will likely take a bit longer to complete this task. 

Reward: At the completion of the quest you obtain the Gunslinger’s Cloak. Make sure you don’t finish the quest before September 15, 2015 to avoid a potential bug that could cause you to lose the reward. It looks pretty good so you don’t want to miss out on it due to a random bug. 

Path of the Nightstalker 

Coming soon! 

Now we’ll help you with the Defender, Striker and Sunbreaker Subclass Quests for your Titan!

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